The electrode effect that high quality electric spark machines

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The introduction it is OK in mould production industry that normally we think the electrode material of will low end machines the scintilla opportunity that passes high quality better appearance is bright and clean degree. As the technology change, contemporary scintilla machine has made operation personnel can have all sorts of application adroitly. When only economic ground processes the electrode data of low end Gao Guangjie to spend, this technology just can develop ceaselessly. Pretty good, the condition that improvement scintilla machine technology can monitor electric spark to machine and adjust treatment to become more effective. However, generally speaking these optimize improvement that what be confined to rough machining phase or accumulate carbolic problem with what will solve EDM antrum. Often, the appearance that the improvement of scintilla machine technology can not bring good is bright and clean degree, unless used high quality electrode data. Material is characteristic as a whole, the character of electrode material compares an imagination to realizing Gao Guangjie to spend medium more important. When we think of Gao Guangjie is spent, general meeting imagines the slick surface that glances easily. Contrarily, in current mould design, good bright and clean degree of is not polish of a course merely surface that point to. A lot of moulds that production comes out now ask have with whole model the reticulation with consistent antrum handles the effect. From this, model the grain change inside antrum needs to pass additional electric spark treatment and acid etching to wait to undertake retexture to the surface. These treatment processing can raise additional time and cost - the profitability that restricted application accordingly. Through using electrode data of high end, the surface that can be treatment antrum is bright and clean degree of spare time and cost, also can produce the pattern that gives high quality at the same time. High-end electrode material is the material of a kind of petty grain, its grain has consistent micromechanism and uniformity between amiable aperture. For example: Picture the 1 high-end electrode data that in showing 4 kinds of industries, using. Manufacturer is the grade fixed position that will be material with material character, below identical EDM parameter, the appearance that these material achieve is bright and clean degree can have greatly different. Before no less than of respecting, the micromechanism of electrode material to model antrum whether those who realize high quality is bright and clean degree had crucial effect. Because EDM antrum is report,one kind when watch a structure imperceptibly duplicates, whether the appearance with better implementation is bright and clean degree of different sex that suffers composition of material of be confined to. If will medium low end electrode material uses treatment reticulation pitch, very possible meeting makes grain inhomogenous. Same, each components as a result of the mould often outside the bag is machined to different company, this increased reticulation to handle the possibility that the effect does not match. If such circumstance happens, the commonnest settlement method is acid etching antrum. In acid etching process, want finishing of take out EDM above all, such ability allow acid etching to happen. This also brought another issue to oneself, acid etching process must maintain enough space inside medium-sized antrum. If model the space inside antrum is insufficient, acid etching deepness is restricted, the likelihood cannot achieve satisfactory result. Accordingly, choose right electrode stuff and the fundamental condition that machining parameter is the treatment that finish. Does a piece of picture surpass thousands of words can you perhaps ask " why is electrode material machining the surface bright and clean the outcome with different generation of the meeting when spending? " yield our reference picture 1 contrast the material structure that shows in the picture will answer this question. The photograph that these microscope film was to magnify of 100 times. On the picture, light color area is black lead grain, brunet area is the stoma in the structure. In decide when the character of micromechanism, the grain of material should be uniformity agrees between amiable Kong Zhi. What see on picture of no less than, although all example are a kind by classification extremely fine grained material (5 micron or finer grain) the occasional of different sample book the structure between itself of a few example is extremely different sex. It is better that this kind of different sex comes true hard namely bright and clean spent reason. Well-known, in process of electric spark treatment, the micromechanism of material can be in model be duplicated in antrum. Although conduce to joltily,solve problem of a few finishing, and improve the appearance bright and clean degree, but compare with the micromechanism photograph of electric class, not much also advantage. If the structure is abhorrent, model antrum is very inaccessible mix equably consistent surface is bright and clean degree. Have different sex the material of micromechanism often happens model a variety of grain inside antrum are released at the same time. Because scintilla gap is bigger, this does not need concern possibly when rough machining; However, the scintilla space of finish machining will be a lot of less, below this kind of circumstance, of a variety of grain in clearance release the possibility that raised discharge 2 times, perhaps be in model antrum surface forms bit of corrode and air hole. Reduce this kind of circumstance through increasing electric current to be able to magnify scintilla clearance comes. But, regrettablly is this meeting causes handling time to lengthen, and all the more proved the advantage of the material of structural same sex. Model the stoma of antrum surface and dot corrode can have petty grain and bead diameter to arrange close together electrode material to decrease through using. Picture of no less than 1 in what see, the structure of these example shows the bead way that gives all sorts of differring. The combination of grain of the size in electrode material micromechanism can make the problem complications further, some of scintilla machines and tools can adjust scintilla clearance ceaselessly from comfortable control function. Picture of no less than is shown 2 times, be necessary to undertake this kind is adjusted will eliminate a likelihood to be opposite model the damage that antrum causes. Nextpage this model antrum is to use a kind of different sex to the electrode of micromechanism is machined and be become. Contrarily, picture 3 it is the electrode that uses micromechanism of a kind of same sex machine and become. Although two model antrum is machined below identical parameter, the result is disparate however. The electrode material of use mistake is caused model the flaw of antrum must be machined through additional discharge and polishing comes purify. Purify surface issues outspread dot corrode, air hole or flaw are very necessary. No matter be to use manual polish or machine treatment, overmuch housing need uses take out to solder, discharge even redo antrum comes do poorly done work over again. Still need to consider in process of do poorly done work over again ensure model the face that enough data will machine implementation to do not have a flaw keeps inside antrum. Ideal situation is will model antrum machines the appearance that achieves lowermost limit polish or do poorly done work over again bright and clean degree. Occasionally, essence of life is versed in level must be finished in discharge, cannot make polishing or additional treatment. Model a few detail that machine in antrum ask to make manual operation cannot have the face bright and clean spend treatment, for example thin muscle treatment, crossed place or it is acute angle treatment. Picture 4 medium electrode are a very good example. This electrode is to be used at medical fittings, have very little detail place to cannot come with handiwork polishing. Operate meeting expunction by hand critical common difference, because this asks,the face has on scintilla machine bright and clean spend treatment. Realize this application to succeed, must use data of fine grained high end. Be based on the price to take shortcut and choice electrode stuff the result with meeting satisfactory short of. Do not want please dedicated the appearance with choose right electrode stuff to come true better at the price is bright and clean degree of key that is applied success. Know which kinds of material not to need exceeding handiwork labor or polish to be able to come true acceptability bright and clean spend dispute constant important. Better to coming true when the micromechanism of material appearance is bright and clean degree had effect, the production cost of the mould often can be reduced. The material of the most commonly used black lead electrode in finish machining is especially small order and degree and extremely fine grade. The material in these grade can expect to have feature of as specific as what show the micromechanism that go out to agree function. Black lead of use high end can reduce production totle drilling cost actually. Adage says " beautiful money is to make money " it is applicable. Really, the price of high-end black lead compares low end material wants tower above a few, but gotten get one's own back is function rise, the surface is bright and clean degree much better, and manual polish asks decrease, these results offsetted the additional cost of electrode material. The cost of electrode material is the one fraction of mould cost only, when reducing cost every time however, this often is most the part that is affected first. In grade of material of the electrode in EDM treatment choosing is very main factor, operator is familiar with numerous and usable option also is very important. The graphite material sort that because can be used at electric spark,machines is various, in application operator baffles very easily at choosing which kinds of right stuff. Anyhow, the material ability that has same sex micromechanism and uniformity between the grain in any application and stoma offers the performance that can forecast to behave. Machine precision when the surface when the demand is higher, the face that the material with little grain always compares the stuff with old grain to be able to have come true more is bright and clean degree, no matter the uniformity of micromechanism how. However, for the biggest the investment cost that influences the ground to receive wire back pole, the little grain material of same sex micromechanism can bring first-rate result in the most crucial application. 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