The operation should want to notice what thing when machine tool of use line cut

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Line cut machine tool is now among of all kinds industry production, belong to the machine of workpiece of very common a kind of cut, because its operation is simple, and the industry that the workpiece that cut comes out can satisfy great majority produces demand, because this is used by more and more industrial business place, although this is the line cut machine tool with a kind of simple operation, but the demand that handles to its also is the place that has a lot of need attentions, and the thing that a few need when operating line cut machine tool notice. The first, operate line cut machine tool must be the course grooms the staff member of ability enough mount guard, forbidden blame operates personnel to undertake operating to line cut machine tool, when machine tool of operation line cut has workpiece cut, must ask to undertake operating according to the operation, the member that be not assigner employs a machine, the workshop that using line cut machine tool additionally perhaps must want to have relevant fire prevention measure in the space. The 2nd, before using machine of line cut machine tool, each quota that should want to check a machine is normal, each parts that should examine a machine tool are in good condition, to often line cut machine tool must adjust a level regularly, want to add proper lube and grease juice to the machine regularly, and should assure the neat sex of line cut machine tool. The 3rd, should undertake maintenance to line cut machine tool regularly and maintain, the jumper of each parts that want pair of machines before use undertakes checking, want to assure the contact link firm of each jumper, the breakdown of join respect won't appear when only such ability assure the job of line cut machine tool. Line cut machine tool needs to use working liquid in the process of cut, but should want to keep clean to working fluid, wanting the relevant conduit that assures line cut machine tool is straightway. Finally, if need can install backwater chamfer to perhaps place expanded plastics to be opposite,working fluid undertakes filtering, so OK the service life of machine tool of extension line cut, working fluid also is to need to undertake changing regularly and clean, such ability assure the cut result of line cut machine tool. CNC Milling CNC Machining