Engine machine machines the labour of transfer matic to abolish a control

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When with machine treatment transfer matic processes work, the skill that comes from cutting tool, semifinished product, equipment, jockey, online check provides those who wait for the influence of the respect to cause work possibly to discard as useless, but if adopt certain effective kind or method, but workpiece discard as useless quantitative control is in lowermost limit. If where is production actual in achieve fall the purpose of this synergism? The article introduced control machine to machine labour to abandon through producing the measure of a few control of the spot method. Machine treatment transfer matic is in effective manufacturing treatment, although had reasonable treatment,craft, reliable equipment and advanced cutting tool make safeguard, can appear toward contact a certain quantity of workpiece discards as useless. Majority of machine treatment transfer matic is the assorted line that machine tool of many different type forms, restrict as a result of the condition sometimes, in a working procedure in front be versed in the labour of a generation is abandoned want transfer matic the last labour ability discovery, sometimes as a result of sampling observation frequency second arrange and cannot discover in time already discarded as useless workpiece, these will naturally raise the production cost of engine, lower the actuate rate of equipment, and deviate from badly the increase of essence of life that we recommend produces drive. labour useless control is in lowermost level, the technical staff that needs the management department such as equipment, cutting tool not only takes seriously, manufacturing site controller also should take seriously likewise. In last few years, shanghai's current manufacturing site controller did a lot of fumbling on one hand in this, experiment and summary, will effective means method applies in real work, make be versed in useless rate falls greatly. The is versed in useless cutting tool is caused labour that pays attention to cutting tool to cause is abandoned is product line the body that labour of the generation in moving abandons. In light of the case that provides cutting tool from machine tool supplier, the set of the choice that is not every cutting tool and its cutting parameter is the most reasonable, still need to be optimized ceaselessly in actual production. 1.

The optimizes cutting tool optimizes engineer of need cutting tool and manufacturing site to have practice experience jockey of cutting tool is taken an active part in, they can offer distinctive view according to their practical experience. The example that Shanghai's general engine workshop has a few cutting tool that the jockey of real work experience participates in to improve is below: (1) changes broach to design those who reduced deep Kong Zuan to break off the OP30 of product line of V6 cylinder body that leads dynamical assembly plant is machined advocate the deep Kong Zuan of oil duct, what use so is the twist drill that hard alloy head solders, in treatment as a result of guarantee against the linearity of aperture, and solder prison do not spend pass a barrier, bring about broach to break off again and again. For this, the experienced worker of product line puts forward to will solder twist drill changes straight chamfer of integral hard alloy to get, make of deep Kong Zuan break off rate dropped 80% . (The horizontal blade of 2) broach is repaired grind improve the M11 × that decreased to get OP40/OP50 of product line of cylinder body of V6 of phenomenon of pointed collapse blade 1.

5, deep 45.

The whorl bottom outlet of 76mm is gotten, tool supplier is repaired those who grind plunge knife of pointed easy collapse, and this invalidation form is detected very hard to come out on transfer matic again, once die,get a tip blade, can decide core as a result of broach bad and bring about be slanted by treatment hole size big, make thereby large quantities of workpiece discard as useless. To this, the horizontal sword that product line jockey raises to improve bit is repaired grind, increase the strength that horizontal blade is in, make the phenomenon of blade of the collapse that get a tip decreases greatly from this, of workpiece discard as useless number declines apparently. (The change that 3) gets pointed sharp angle eliminated phenomenon of blade of cutting blade collapse to be gotten to the via of whorl bottom outlet of product line of V6 connecting rod, through changing sharp angle wear by 140 ° 118 ° , reduced broach to play the phenomenon of blade of cutting blade collapse in interrupted cutting condition, reduced the appearance of connecting rod rejection of lot that causes because of out of tolerance of whorl bottom outlet thereby. (The adjustment of parameter of cutting of 4) boring lever eliminated frowsty knife phenomenon to be versed in to OP120 of product line of L4 cylinder body lever of crankshaft aperture boring, because semifinished product supplier is in,bring about the cutting tool life that can machine 1000 before to be able to machine 200 or so only now, and be in frowsty knife phenomenon often appears when 200 are controlled, bring about workpiece to discard as useless thereby. Field work labour passes those who watch bit to wear away degree, put forward to be below the premise that assures to produce metre, reduce the rotate speed of main shaft, feed that increases boring staff, make its can assure eligible surface roughness already, can eliminate frowsty knife appearance again. Do not suit to process current cylinder body data because of parameter of cutting of original high rotate speed, small feed, bring about cutting tool to wear away quickly, make torque rises and appear frowsty knife phenomenon. Through changing the feed of cutting tool, make the treatment life of cutting tool rises to be able to machine 1200. 2.

Carry out the standardization that moves a knife, in increasing tone sword preventive control (1) product line of life of setting cutting tool should build system of sounder cutting tool life, carry out change knife method compulsively, the change that has level sex according to machine treatment state at the same time and calm value. If OP40-14R of product line of V6 cylinder body is versed in the twist drill that diametical 7mm machines deep oily aperture (treatment deepness is 84mm) , machining 164 ~ 167 Kong Shi, the aperture after thinking cutting tool is machined formerly wants check to have certificate of proof only, the working length of this broach is enough, can repair all the time grind go down. A future life produces on-line jockey record discovery through observation after, repair in treatment grind 6 ~ 7 times when above, this broach appeared to break get a phenomenon. Long wear a number more, break the probability that get bigger. Via considering to discover, as the addition of use time, degree of tatty of blade of broach deputy cutting is more and more serious, bring about broach finally pour awl to become suitable awl, namely Kr ′ horn became negative part, the torque when bringing about broach to machine rises. Pass reasonable control cutting tool later pour what awl reachs bit to repair wear a number, eliminated almost completely break get a phenomenon. (Every machine that 2) builds engine of plant of assembly of current motive force of Shanghai of the standard that move a knife machines product line to go up, every cutting tool all has a standard to move the operation measure of the knife and point, because jockey moves a knife,can decrease so non-standard and the workpiece of generation discards as useless. Nextpage(3) has been done when moving a knife preventive control the cutting tool that goes up to sending product line, although already passed those who move knife department,be adjusted and test and verify, but also can appear sometimes accident, at this moment, the jockey on product line increased to dominate protective screen together, the hidden trouble that with respect to will potential generation workpiece discards as useless is eliminated in budding in. Want to had done the following work when changing a knife: (A) length kind the cutting tool of dimension, tear open when old cutting tool after falling, undertake the length of ministry of shoulder of top of cutting tool head is compared; (The range estimation of appearance of new old cutting tool, angle compares B) ; (C) tap receives the test and verify of the locking force of the handle and torque degree of tightness; (D) grinds cutting tool to undertake repairing grinding the range estimation of quality to repairing; (E) adjusts boring bit dimension when, clear to Dao Yi's Master → cutting tool adjusts → again the change when the process control 0 o'clock and dial gauge adjust Master of test and verify, pressing with a finger control is in circuit undertake adjustment, because encircle number to misread,avoid to cause first aperture out of tolerance and make workpiece discards as useless; (F) is used get covered broach, reamer kind cutting tool, the preexistence before installing main shaft drills the bore a hole in covering hole, undertake diametical test and verify; (The to cutting tool point range estimation after installation of G) cutting tool ends. The is versed in useless semifinished product is caused worker worker that reason of attention semifinished product causes is useless in discard as useless in the proportion that hold is not high, but cannot ignore however. The hard spot in semifinished product, shrinkage cavity is the adverse element in treatment, still have, the crock aperture bottom that is like cylinder body because of the brim " meaty " can cause honing head to damage, bring about workpiece to discard as useless thereby, accordingly, should endeavor to had been done on the to semifinished product body when makings, irrigate head, meaty the examination that waits for blemish works, choose seasonable discovery, in time, assure to go up to be carried of line wool blank without interference, the because of this generation labour in avoiding to machine a process is useless. The TPM that makes good equipment works, the labour that reduces equipment to cause abandons a product to be when treatment, have demand of dimension, surface roughness already, still have the demand of all sorts of appearance public errand, position public errand, if among them one of doing not have achieve a requirement, this workpiece becomes waste product namely. For this, the work that causes possibly in treatment to the machine tool discards as useless should have done following precautionary measures: 1.

To aperture kind the control of deepness, exploration labour bougie should have done day-to-day TPM work, decrease to cause more work as a result of invalidation discard as useless, bougie is broken should change in time, bougie bends should seasonable and corrective. 2.

The place that checks cooling fluid canal and expedite. If be when lid of air cylinder of treatment aluminium alloy, if cutting tap machines Kongji tap without enough cooling fluid alignment, the strong bits in influence tap cutting, will lubricant reach refrigeration, serious when can bring about whorl sodden tooth. When mill bit body is machining plane, if wet there is enough cooling fluid below treatment condition, also can make machine numerical value of face surface roughness to rise, serious when because surface roughness is unqualified,cause work and discard as useless. In addition, because refrigeration is insufficient,cutting tool still is met and bring about its durability to reduce. 3.

Carry a line the consistency that the fixed test and verify of fixed position piece can maintain course of displacement fixed position, because locate,decrease a shift and cause workpiece to break up in carry fall the work that create discards as useless. 4.

Handlers should the abnormal knocking of advertent equipment, reduce the work that causes as a result of the paroxysmal breakdown of equipment to discard as useless. 5.

The workpiece that prevents the accumulation that cut bits to bring about machines positional dimension out of tolerance. Handlers should do work of TPM of good periodic clamping apparatus, exclude adverse factor in time. 6.

The TPM that makes good knife warehouse works, precaution is stuck on knife handle because of cutting bits and make machine bore diameter to greaten. Undertake grooming effectively, enhance the technical ability of jockey, reduce workpiece to discard as useless 1.

In actual production, range estimation method is having distinct effect to reducing workpiece to discard as useless. Below the premise that examines strictly all right according to test gauge Fan Jin, should strengthen the range estimation that machines a state to workpiece: (1) range estimation machines exterior surface roughness; (Hole wall of aperture of boring of 2) range estimation, bore with a reamer, be like " 8 " glyph hole wall, around of course getting, boring 2 working procedure, bring about bore diameter to appear because of displacement sometimes " 8 " word aperture, when should providing test and verify with plug guage check, it is eligible, when with pneumatic check is provided or electronic measure is measured, if sheet measured a direction not to discover the flaw of treatment possibly also, pass surface roughness of range estimation hole wall at this moment, can discover its flaw very easily; (3) range estimation or examine first workpiece after changing a knife; (When 4) broach machines blind aperture, the 140 ° of range estimation bottom or 118 ° cone, can judge a broach to whether die blade; (The collapse mouth of brim of workpiece of 5) range estimation; (Sodden tooth of whorl of 6) range estimation; (7) range estimation the treatment content of this working procedure. 2.

The work out machines transfer matic to easy happening or ever had produced labour to abandon quality clew collection, those who help handlers note this working procedure is main discard as useless dot. Working procedure of OP50 of product line of V6 cylinder body is below once or the work that already produced abandons clew: (Unreasonable meeting brings about the set of cutting tool durability that 1) hydraulic pressure holds out column aperture broach blade of cutting tool cutting dies badly blade, cause hydraulic pressure to hold out column aperture to appear when treatment craze of hole wall extruding, workpiece sheds final inspection man all the time foreword; (2) 2 is versed in a getting of a flight of stairs blade of the collapse that get a tip can cause whorl bottom outlet to slant big, workpiece for many times rejection of lot; (3) hydraulic pressure holds out column aperture broach collapse blade is easy cause the deviate that get a heart, bring about inside not all bore with a reamer gives hole wall reamer, cause batch workpiece to discard as useless; (4) 5 is versed in a blade of collapse of tap cutting blade is easy the way in causing crock of lid to combine grain of face whorl Kong Luo is old and make workpiece discards as useless; (Blade of collapse of broach of aperture of 5) 30 date can cause out of tolerance of 57 workpiece aperture; (The pen number that 6) dial gauge times in the mark on Master with the dial gauge when moving a knife pressing with a finger turns is misreaded will cause workpiece to machine first discard as useless. Nextpage3.

The little common sense in staff job, little experience, be like " cutting tool life how set " , " a few respects that the around that move a knife notes " , " use correctly of tap " , " a few respects that when adjusting a machine tool to machine dimension, should note " etc, as groom content makes handlers increases real work experience. It is we are in below " a few respects that adjust Lv of the take an examination when the machine tool machines dimension " a few main content in grooming: 1.

Adjust a basis (1) check is provided hand-picked result (2)CMM measures an outcome (measure of 3) treatment technology (4)CPK is worth 2.

A few respects of Lv of the take an examination when adjusting (A of condition of 1) machine tool.

Heat engine (the stretchy amount that considers head main shaft) B.

Cold machine (A of condition of 2) cutting tool.

Did not wear away cutting tool B.

Adjacent already wear away cutting tool 3.

associated labour dimension (of dimension of end panel of around of OP110 3R of 1) V6 cylinder body adjust should be versed in according to OP100 7L stop dimension of the position that choose a side will adjust; (The dimension of face of filter of machine of OP40 2L of 2) V6 cylinder body adjusts take an examination be versed in aperture of date of a dimension, OP4017R 106 pours horny deepness and hole depth of date of OP60 6R 107 to spend dimension related Lv. 4.

Put forward to apply for to ask programmer and engineer to adjust 5.

Try cut workpiece to undertake to first workpiece hand-picked or CMM is measured. 6.

After certificate of proof, make good record and switch on the mobile phone production, the 10 ~ after noticing to adjust the dimension of 20 workpiece. Reasonable use waste product, reduce workpiece to discard as useless several some labour cutting tool adjusts dimension and effective treatment dimension to have bigger difference, accordingly, the makings that is like working procedure of the line before using is abandoned or labour is abandoned regard tone as the knife, can reduce labour to abandon number. When exchanging like reamer, easy occurrence labour is useless; Some are repaired grind cutting tool to grind skill not to reach the designated position because of repairing wait to also can bring about bore diameter out of tolerance. Control machines dimension, leave the surplus that has new treatment 1.

When tap is machining blind aperture whorl, get off as far as possible ultimate depth size, make space of bits having a look takes inside aperture, in order to make tap will not break off because of cutting bits to be blocked up dead. 2.

Milling cutter machines dimension of the public errand on the choice when plane, stay have the surplus that machines afresh easily. Sometimes the collapse blade as a result of cutting tool, bring about dimension raw reach the designated position, can have new repair. If enrage the razor blade when the sealing surface of door housing washer is machined to have,explode mouth, if stay,have mental allowance, but new repair, make workpiece makes eligible product afresh thereby. The dimension set that online check provides wants little tolerancepublic errand scope than the requirement from the technology measure instead of the requirement, avoid to become online when measuring work measure to call the police, the workpiece from the back also discards as useless accordingly. Working procedure of OP100 of product line of the cylinder body that be like V6 20 labour, it is online detect of crankshaft aperture and camshaft aperture diameter online survey worker worker, and working station is in 18 labour, once 20 labour dimension detects call the police, there are 3 workpieces to discard as useless on this line (18, 19, 20 labour) , and set a bit smaller climate that can know size ahead of schedule, undertake adjustment to cutting tool when approaching the limit, can reduce this kind of labour to abandon thereby. The last word should process the product that gives high quality already, want to consider the production charge of low cost again, this is the target that Gao Shuiping makes a technology go after. Accordingly, the working key that through reducing the workpiece in production to discard as useless number reduces production cost is production company of every car engine. How to abandon project effectively a control in lowermost limit, achieve thereby fall the purpose of this synergism, after remaining to fumble with all possible means, make suggestions jointly, wisdom is shared. CNC Milling CNC Machining