The autumn day of PDM thinks

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Summary: Accompanying the pace of informatization, PDM also had taken a paragraph of unforgettable run, what harvest in this autumn is seasonal, how does PDM go further, be worth to ponder! PDM: Emerge as the times require " products plan " the important segment that is process of production of enterprise implementation socialization, the whole data head and front that needs because of company place arises here. It is become cover an industry of whole iformation flow " fountainhead " . Each level place that the marked characteristic of current products plan is design process use " method " and " method " and arise from this " as a result " (the description of the product that if be used at praepostor,produces management activity and relevant object is recorded) it is with various electrons. These " information " become enterprise interior again, also include to coordinate all sorts of functions between the enterprise to have the crucial factor of communication, but they " will do not have a shadow, go having footprint " . The value of information depends on using. Of the product information that because this ensures,describes by the project system place such as CAD/CAM/CAPP/CAE can get a gender, but the main target that sex of put sb in a very important position and the ability that can handle a gender become IT to be gone after with production domain in products plan, product data manages (PDM) technical emerge as the times require. Product data management is one kind when be a foundation with software makes can technology, it is personnel of help project technology or other personnel administration information is mixed related all products all develops a process tools related to product information. The control ability photograph of the its administrative ability the database, communication ability of the network and system is united in wedlock, the information that provided product complete lifecycle is compositive turn management, support build to run paralell change operational product to develop synergic environment. Vast production enterprise is in our country ministry of national science and technology " CAD promotion uses a project " (swing drawing board project) with CIMS application the project is driven below, the individual technology in the product development such as CAD, CAM, CAPP, CAE gets wide application and gain ground, obtained remarkable result, this is the foundation of design of enterprise implementation digitlization and digitlization management. But, be in an enterprise complex products plan and in production process, want those who come true to be based on a network in the round to be changed without paper run in coordination, a kind of necessary company ability that suits to answer a client to change market demand quickly, the difficulty of the problem already often was CAD and the application that make individual technology no longer, however the need as business flow, ensure information is between the process, between the member, between different level and the integrality between user of enterprise inside and outside, effectiveness, dependency, accuracy, consistency and security. Gain ground because of what the unit technology such as this CAD/CAM/CAPP/CAE applies, subsequently and those who come is application of technique of product data management necessarily is hot. Random flower gradually desire glamorous look however, face product data to manage a technology, a lot of enterprise be terrified by the sight of sth or sb, not dare " lift act blindly gently " . Investigate its reason is main difficulty has 3. It is system of the PDM on this, can it bring benefit for the enterprise? Doubt is heavy, cannot be determined; 2 it is PDM product full street all is, does the flower fall whose home? Dazzling, do not know how to start; 3 it is PDM function a lot of, the system is very complex, some is very giant even, from why proceed with? The fact is really such, from afore-mentioned what can see in the simple introduction that is product data management, product data manages a technology above all it is concept of pattern of a kind of management, management is not pure IT technical issue, accordingly its carry out can involve all sorts of the system of harmonious, business management between company department, regulations culture of system, company, humanitarian quality waits square field surface a moment; Next with respect to the technology character, it is one kind makes can a kind of a kind of a kind of technology, environment, frame, platform is not such as CAD, CAPP the unit technology that wait. Accordingly its carrying out is platform is crossed on the space, cross a branch, cross region, there is the past on time, current, of future, the in short contains global sex. Go up with respect to executive content must with many, of standardization, of consistency, accurate fundamental data job is premise; The 3rd as a result of enterprise type foundation of each different, informatization and capital throw different, product ability differ in thousands ways, accordingly " seek solution " the space is very large, what an unified mode and staff guage cannot measure is " best " , what is " the poorest " . Every this a variety of, and the roundabout way that certain business has taken in executive PDM process, people does not understand PDM technology or highbrow excessive demands the application that can give a product data management technology and system carry out bring a variety of difficulty. How do 3 action use up smile to carry out PDM effectively afterwards? Can from the following 3 respects undertake. 1. Want to take the type selecting of software seriously, but should pay attention to more " fundamental data " standardization works. Research software system whether mature, function reachs the designated position, a the the simplest, most efficient way visits the user that you need software product namely, can ask the indifferent unit such as college, institute to make staff officer; Additional, because PDM product breed is at present various, function and price difference are very big, because the 2nd gist of this software type selecting is the current situation that surveys your company seriously, the enterprise that makes clear you uses requirement, choose to be able to satisfy you to use requirement actually on the function next, suit you the informatization application level, system that accords with your capital to throw ability, and avoid by all means is corrupt beg ocean greatly. Experience (also include a lot of lesson) make clear, PDM carries out a success the key does not depend on using what software system, move at the data in software system and flow however. Because this breaks sectional boundary line, set out from global height description of normative business flow, unified data and interface, build standard system, it is the foundation of executive PDM and premise. 2.

Want to take overall objective seriously, but the implementation that should pay attention to level target more. Use PDM technology, from overall situation and overall objective character, should base oneself upon undertakes at building to be able to support an industry the product cooperates with to business of company of development, support restructures and develop in the round share platform, the information that can support enterprise and other application system the function is compositive, compositive with the process compositive. But the project of a project application that serves as an enterprise, using a process actually must is grading on time, minute of administrative levels must is on applied level. For example, the applied level of PDM system, the function that governs from implementation, it is OK to might as well cent is 3 administrative levels. Can be a target in order to come true to the management of product data above all; Can be target of the 2nd administrative levels in order to achieve pair of working flow administration next, this process will be very arduous, the reason depends on people be used to ruleless optional sex operation, and touch the administrative pattern of the orgnaization and right; And the business work flow that implementation is based on simultaneous engineering reframes optimize management to be able to regard the third administrative levels as the target. 3.

Should go after product data to be opposite in this enterprise of the product cover a range, but should notice more with " dot " belt " face " executive course. An enterprise should carry out PDM, the giant product data that faces product model diversity, deposit time to grow very, from why proceed with? Be worth a kind of advocated practice is, from design branch or proceed with of a kind of when develop currently new product, it is with this type product " key link " , "Once the headrope of a fishing net is pulled up " , reach the raw material related to this type product, spare parts, part all sorts of foundation data to enter a system above all, solve current production problem already, the fundamental data that finishs PDM system to carry out again accumulates the job. It is with another type product again next " key link " , the fundamental data with new complement, 3 years through 2 ~ unremitting tries hard, can build a base solid, have the PDM application system that covers a range certainly. A when here and ERP system carry out apparent contrast is, regard PDM system as the executive phase that start, OK and the work building a warehouse that also should begin to finish fundamental data from the product of a certain model, is not " blossom in the round " . Viewpoint collection manages about product data, the personage inside other expert, course of study also offerred his relevant view, show general management to be as follows: ◆ carries out PDM in an enterprise, want to involve the element such as concern of the organization inside technology and enterprise normally, accordingly, of PDM carrying out is a more complex task, it is the grading of a need, process that perfects stage by stage below sound program. Want to build environment of enterprise interior cooperation above all, carry out an environment basically in the building on PDM system namely, perfect PDM system further next. The relations of production that any advanced productivity meet ◆ no less than to have to showing brings concussion same, the introduces natural also meeting to pound an enterprise to have work flow of PDM. In the meantime, of PDM introduce also bring to the enterprise adjust the internal construction of system, opportunity that builds new environment. ◆ to the enterprise, introducing PDM may be the process of a thoroughly remould oneself, because no matter enterprise the respect does breach to introduce from which, also no matter in the begining dimensions has how old, PDM can affect the overall situation of the enterprise. PDM produces the course of redound, also be the process that enterprise oneself reform deepens increasingly, this is one cannot take the road back to one's former position easily " do not put in a road 's charge " . So, enterprise policymaker needs to sufficient psychology prepares to receive it, accept it, use it and control it. ◆ comes from CIMdata to make clear to carrying out the statistical data of the enterprise of PDM in great quantities, in a successful PDM project, buy the investment of software to hold total investment only 1/4 the left and right sides. Besides the investment that buying software side, the enterprise still should consider the investment of the following respects: If hardware and network system expansion are safeguarded, the cost that the enterprise recombines. ◆ implements PDM project, besides the knowledge with new study of requirement company staff and skill, still ask employee accepts new working environment, include the adjustment of pair of original work flow. Still must be in subjective on intentional manage preparation, want to have patience. On the other hand, also should see, the investment of PDM also is not accomplished in one move, the environment of PDM needs to be updated ceaselessly and be improved, in order to get used to enterprise and the new condition that IT technology develops. The key that ◆ implements PDM system successfully is, pay attention to company goal, technicality of and rather than; Emphasize carrying out methodology, is to buy tool of a software not just; Need a partner, is vendor of a software not just; Solid construction makes group class PDM is start only, PDM of executive company level just is ultimate goal; Establish the long-term program that PDM implements, is not to make one-time investment only. CNC Milling CNC Machining