Machine the CNC Turning center of appliance of medical treatment orthopaedics

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To the product of current domestic orthopaedics medical apparatus and instruments, can divide roughly it is a kind, 2 kinds, 3 kinds. One kind mixes 2 kinds is the appliance of orthopaedics for the most part, 3 kinds of parts are about embedded content kind. The lathe that the device that at present manufacturer home place of home uses is simple and easy type mostly and milling machine and punching machine of other a few homebred lathe, not only craft trival, treatment is rough, and personnel is deployed belong to labor concentrated model. Medical treatment is embedded the weapon of in belonging to product of medical treatment orthopaedics very main 3 kinds of orthopaedics of content. Commerce of ferry spy machinery (Shanghai) limited company recommends center of use Japan Xi Tiecheng CNC Turning, change the technique that orthopaedics of domestic medical treatment produces company place lag before thereby. Its technology program is to use lathe itself tall tigidity, high accuracy, one-time treatment gives had turning, bore and dynamical milling and back axis function the product of high accuracy, improve manufacturing efficiency greatly at the same time. The structure of lathe machines function while implementation is outstanding, the F series of the functional type Xi Tiecheng that is new generation, L series and M series, it is traditional machinery technical force and with " much axis much system is controlled " the achievement of the control technology force that is a delegate, it is the high type of production that the tall function that develops by Cincom turns automatic lathe, have high-powered high production to change. The 2nd characteristic is to exceed small diameter to change, the high type of production that masters the Xi Tiecheng of small technology to advance small diameter to change is automatic lathe. Can be in diameter the premise with strict time of cycle of complex, public errand plays small, figure, satisfy slashing requirement, because Xi Tiecheng is engaged in horological component for a long time machining,be, the technology is very mature. With cam type automatic machine the bed is germinant, since afterwards develops Cincom B12 successfully, brave changes times delegate when miniature, the product that has pioneering spirit is Cincom R04. The small diameter that machining thing is changed at the same time, in working machine industry appeared first the miniaturization that mechanical oneself uses linear motor and product turn a tide. The 3rd, exceed high accuracy to change. The tall standardization demand that machines product precision is higher and higher, put forward with inferior micron machines a requirement for the stability of the unit. Loading what this kind of vector asks is Cincom BL series and RL21. Construct in hot semmetry, main shaft is cooling it is spotless that the high accuracy that wait changes corresponding aspect, still have a lot of function in RL21, if hold stock substance the fork-lift truck of one bodily form, need not choose line of the products to be able to have the function such as product processing simply. CNC Milling CNC Machining