The laser on product of medical apparatus and instruments is engraved write

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The mark that surges photoetching to write can embedded content, bone nails medical apparatus and instruments of reliable ground date from, human body or of pacemaker " cause and effect " . In stainless steel or the product of titanium alloy is engraved in writing, use quarter write a technology to have two kinds normally: Laser is engraved imprint and stimulate photoetching to write. Each spare parts has alone number or code, because this produces manufacturer,always ask its number and manufacturing date to the user when getting advisory telephone call (graph 1) . Graph the laser of embedded content engraves 1 hip joint a number in keeping number perhaps production time of the sort that a code can understand to the earth's surface shows this part and production is engraved conveniently write use laser carve characters on a seal, have the advantage that cannot compare, because it does not use dye or thinner, it is a kind of mark technics that is helpful for environmental protection. What it cuts written number also is beneficial to be being engraved to keep the data of the spare parts, because whole the quarter process that keeps process dispute contact, be being gotten on by treatment spare parts without any outside force action. The other equipment in component reachs the place that the tool touchs hard, the number that uses laser technology to also can finish aleatoric font easy to doly is engraved write. Stimulate photoetching to write the extremely high quarter mark that writes speed to make its can finish high accuracy, high quality and sex of Gao Ke date from to engrave write. Engrave in what variable mark and small lot label in writing, stimulate photoetching to write provided very tall flexibility. In domain of production of medical apparatus and instruments, the endurance of mark is a very significant demand. Be in tall caustic below the action that cleans a method, use alkali catharsis for example (PH > 10) and after subsequently the high temperature of at least 134 ℃ is disinfected, medical apparatus and instruments still is put in the potential risk that spreads pathogen, still have the problem that fade gradually and falls off of mark at the same time. Embedded to each medical apparatus and instruments and human body content put forward people very high quality demand, appliance labels medium blemish can let a manufacturer lose a lot of important information, so that bring about appliance finally,discard as useless. Be based on the quality requirement that standard of DIN ISO 9001 raises, the manufacturer home of medical apparatus and instruments needs to assure a product but date from sex, because this is in the manufacturer of medical apparatus and instruments of industrialized production, stimulate photoetching to write had become product of most medical apparatus and instruments to manufacture a necessary technology (graph 2) . Graph of polish of 2 stainless steel, contain laser to engrave imprint the medical apparatus and instruments of mark assured a product but the parameter with date from appropriate sex is major the data that embedded content uses medical apparatus and instruments and human body is the stainless steel with alloy composition different scale, the proportion that chromium contains in stainless steel alloy should be occupied at least 10.

5% , because the corrosion resistance of rolled steel basically can depend on the quantity containing chromium of spare parts surface, have prep above only so this one scale, stainless steel just has enough anti-corrosive ability. Stimulate photoetching to write mark and processing of the quarter chemistry after writing and ageing to be able to cause certain loss to the surface of stainless steel medical apparatus and instruments, make those who express facing chromic - the scale of iron element drops. Accordingly, the parameter when undertaking photoetching is written stimulating wants the different laser according to material of different stainless steel to engrave the exterior structure that keeps technique and medical apparatus and instruments to undertake choosing. Stimulate photoetching to imprint in the most commonly used laser to engrave imprint in the technology, stainless steel material or of the medical apparatus and instruments of titanium alloy material local should heat melting point temperature is the following, can form the oxidation layer of an as lubricious as anneal likeness in spare parts surface so, the ply of the contrast of mark and oxidation layer is concerned, and the exterior quality of medical apparatus and instruments keeps changeless, accordingly it becomes medical apparatus and instruments to manufacture the method of very welcome a kind of mark in the domain and technology. The labels the method can improve the appearance chromium that imprints through stimulating photoetching - iron scale, that is to say, the medical apparatus and instruments that uses processing of method of this kind of mark has very tall corrosion resistance can. But engrave in mark imprint after the process " passivation is handled " the corrosion resistance that working procedure affected a product severely can, because passivation handles the contrast that can make label to be changed infirmly, whether is passivation involved in because this should notice laser,engraving imprinted parameter process and how to undertake passivation. Stimulate photoetching to write use laser to be able to be likewise on material of metallic stuff, pottery and porcelain and certain and phyletic plastic medical apparatus and instruments quarter keep number. Appropriate set laser power answers when making number, make laser engraves written metallic data to be fused, evaporate fused part. The score that keeps in the surface that is engraved to write a part is the number that client place wants. Engrave in the laser of metallic stuff spare parts in keeping a process, the oxygen in using the metallic stuff with fused laser and air can produce oxidation reaction, because this makes quarter written mark writing very clear. Stimulate photoetching to write the chromium that can engrave Yin Gengming to show the ground to improve spare parts appearance than laser - iron scale. But the result of the experiment points out clearly also: The energy that metallic stuff interior inputs when stimulating photoetching to write cannot the numerical value under the regulation -- 0.

4KJ/cm2, only such ability assure chromium - the scale of iron is changeless. Increase laser power to conduce to the total energy that raises an input. The manufacturer can be mixed according to use face material is phyletic, make a mode, the surface stimulates photoetching fusedly to imprint easily reach laser to engrave write parameter to be used for producing practice. Because stimulate photoetching to write the chromium that can carry data - iron comparing is changeless, and can avoid an area to corrode, because this is in domain of production of medical apparatus and instruments, it has very fundamental application. Up to now, when the client asks to make deeper number, can use laser engrave normally write a skill. Anyhow, use laser to engrave write a technology to be able to go up to be engraved neatly in medical apparatus and instruments and medical and embedded content draw up the special information of endurance labels. CNC Milling CNC Machining