Machine of model of Founder of rubber administrative division makes a double lubricious high speed full automatic the machine that blow bottle

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Founder of rubber state city is plastic the machinery plant is packed in the light of metal pail of national abolish engine oil, the message that plastic bucket packages all instead, seize opportunity in time, draw lessons from Taiwan to manufacture a technology, invest a large number of capital, high speed of development development double quality is full automatic the machine that blow bottle scores a success, fill provincial the market is blank. Content of this machine science and technology is higher, for Electromechanical unifinication product, already supervisory bureau of Qingdao city technology detects for eligible product. Its characteristic is: (1) performance is superior, the operation is simple, save work save effort, section report is amounted to 50% , can blow make 0.

All sorts of 5-200l appearance (be like circle, quadrate, flat look, elliptic) plastic bucket; (2) work efficiency is tall, every 4000-5000 yield bottle, manufacturing finished product deserves to have transparent thread, its exterior and immanent quality and entrance product photograph are rivalled; (3) the price is low, buy foreign congener equipment to want to cost ten U.S. dollors, and the 1/10 that value of this factory product is entrance equipment only. CNC Milling CNC Machining