The stage amounts to the application of mechanical and electrical products on ZP10 sheeting machine

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1 foreword because the basic the form of a drug that tablet is drug of profess to convinced and sanitarian preparation, the fundamental sex that because this tablet produces machine,is pharmacy engineering field is special equipment. Tablet is by sheeting raw material of shape of machine general grain is squelched piece. The manufacturing engineering capability of sheeting machine is indicating capability of technology of project of pharmacy of a country. Sheeting machine applies in industry of whole medicine machine very extensive. Basically any pharmacy manufacturer are met very big to should setting stock demand. Basis of function of automation of 2 sheeting machine principle of tablet preparation craft, the early days craft of sheeting craft is to make bead, the raw material grain that makes through making a technology all has raw material medicine and filling carrier character (complementary makings) . The main use of sheeting machine is the primitive farinose raw material all sorts of medicaments and filling carrier, formulate pill according to demand. Can be opposite on this equipment the ply of sheeting, fill ply, press upper limit of force of ply, sheeting, sheeting force, traversal speed, dot to move upper limit of speed, speed to undertake set is mixed beforehand show, can show the norms that produces a product currently, quality intuitionisticly. Convenient use. Sheeting machine basically is used at the tablet production of pharmacy industry, at the same time general wait for industrial department at chemical industry, food, electron, ZP10 exterior is shown 1 times like the graph. 3 systems design outward appearance of machine of sheeting of graph 1 ZP10 3.

1 craft parameter designs craft parameter design to refer to next watches. Main technique parameter expresses Nextpage3.

Design of program of technology of design of 2 technologies program refers to a graph 2. The system is based on a stage to amount to PLC technology platform, peripheral equipment main body includes a stage to amount to interface of feeling screen man-machine and stage to amount to transducer advocate driver. Hardware forms: DOP-57GSTD feeling screen; DVP-14SS11R PLC; DVP-04AD-S imitate measures patulous module; VFD-002M43A transducer. Graph 2 technologies program is designed 3.

Principle of 3 automation craft (1) the physical quantity that through DVP-04AD-S the translate into of imitate quantity signal of the 0-10V the standard needs to show, fill ply shows on interface of feeling screen man-machine, control power of ply, sheeting ply, sheeting beforehand. These 4 physical quantity affect the quality that produces tablet. The precision demand that because this is measured to imitate,changes is higher. When be being debugged at the same time, because voltage signal suffers interference more easily, discharging line and PLC to want to undertake according to electric installation standard as far as possible in the installation position inside ark so. (2) the rotational speed of sheeting drive should undertake limitative. Top rotate speed is on man-machine set, highest for 30rpm/min. (3) system of the requirement on craft starts have two kinds of kind: Start normally, the dot is moved. Speed set is finished on man-machine. Of speed giving choose a site for the capital is to pass the means of RS485 communication to give transducer. (4) when producing tablet, what ask because of the craft of raw material and finished product is different, the size of sheeting force is different. But to assure safe production. Need sets the upper limit that decides sheeting force to be worth on man-machine. When once be more than sheeting force upper limit by the current sheeting force of pressure sensor sampling,be worth, the system is automatic and safe jockey. All movements restoration. (5) want to be able to show ply of current traversal speed, fill on monitoring picture, press force of ply, sheeting ply, sheeting to wait beforehand. (6) systematic requirement can be restricted to stopping force of movement, sheeting urgently to exceed, transducer breakdown calls the police 3 times have current warning show, and can undertake to current alarm keep clear of, following place are shown. Will external alarm inputs a dot to be changed into PLC interior in PLC, as above place is shown from M64-M66 successive 3 are nodded. Set sampling cycle is: 1S; Can put a several set to be at most: 1020 bits; Set cuts off the power maintain; Set is ON when M64-M66 when, show call the police information content is: Stop urgently already movement; Transducer breakdown; Sheeting force exceeds be restricted. Show call the police accordingly picture. (7) the system can undertake indication to calling the police currently not only, keep clear of to be able to undertake to current alarm the history is recorded at the same time. Specific implementation means is as follows: In man-machine software option, read among historical buffer set take an address to begin from M64; Numeric unit set is 3; Sampling cycle is 100ms; Set of sampling check the number is 10; Spark source choice is sparked by PLC; Clock date chooses YES. Blank place is doubleclicked when set, software can play an attribute menu, pursue as follows: After having as above set, should call the police only when happening, the system will be self-recording call the police information. And it is to cut off the power retentive. Should call the police only information does not have complete cram, the system will be self-recording. When should be being deleted only, just will call the police message is completely clear. Otherwise although call the police information record is full, the system can enclothe what record the earliest automatically to call the police information. Spark show, record, delete call the police information is the special register that controls an area through condition D1, d3 has set. Nextpage4.

2 interactive pictures design interactive picture to if pursue,be designed 3, the graph is shown 8 times. 4 debug measure (1) ask according to the craft of equipment will logistic part is finished above all. Complete communication part. These are the jobs of special foundation. (2) undertake DVP-4AD-S module corrective. Ensure null and gain are accurate. (3) be far from line dynamical line as far as possible, receive the screen layer of line 24V land and not be ground connection, basically produce spot equipment to do not have reliable ground connection because of GMP of quite a few, project practice proves to received 24V ground to assure the interference rejection result of signal. Reduced interference to measure the interference of signal to imitate. Characteristic of construction of chance of the ZP10 that 5 last words are based on a stage to amount to product of Electromechanical series automation sheeting is double-faced sheeting, bosseyed piece piece, have control a function beforehand, advantageous raise sheeting precision; Stainless steel of whole sealing form, in-house mesa uses stainless steel data, revolving stage surface passes special processing, can maintain the appearance burnish and prevent alternate pollution, accord with GMP requirement; The door window of transparent and organic glass, indoor deserve to have safe illumination, can understand the position that observes sheeting, sheeting room all sides can be opened entirely, interior clears and maintain easily; Controller and operation all distribution is equitable; Use frequency control device to undertake electric timing, the operation is convenient, rotational and smooth, safe and accurate; All rotational device all are decorated in machine interior, maintain parts cleanness; Design of hydraulic pressure system is reasonable, what can maintain hydraulic pressure system is stable; Deserve to have overload protector, when pressure overload, can stop automatically machine. CNC Milling CNC Machining