How to safeguard correctly long slip of unused numerical control

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Numerical control slip uses modular aluminous profile to be matrix, the structure is strong, ensure workbench is firm firm, silver-colored double slideway cooperates to import filar lever, synchronism to take drive on adoption Taiwan, ensure slip is running the speed in the process and precision. Correct operation is used can prevent machine tool blame to wear away normally, avoid to break out breakdown; to had done daily care and maintenance, can make equipment holds good technical position, delay deterioration progress, discover in time and eliminate breakdown hidden danger, make sure safety moves thereby. Numerical control slip is long-term need not when because certain reason creates numerical control punching machine,safeguard long-term need not when, breakdown appears when be being used to investment to shun numerical control punching machine, need to notice the following: 1, the athletic component such as the slideway of long-term to numerical control slip out of service, slip, should besmear before use on grease, prevent motion to become rusty on the component or corrode;2, if the feed axis of numerical control punching machine or what main shaft uses is dc machine, answer to take out brush from inside dc machine, lest corrode action as a result of chemistry, make commutator surface is corroded, cause commutator function to drop, make whole platform electric machinery damages even. 3, often should give numerical control slip electrify, in environmental humidity bigger plum rains is seasonal more should such. In the machine tool the lock is not moved surely (namely servo electric machinery does not turn) below the circumstance, make numerical control system airborne go, those who use electric component itself is calorific will break up the humidity inside the system, function of safeguard electronic parts is stable and reliable. Additional, often electrify also can make reserve batteries gets charging, but the examination wants to reserve when electrify the voltage of batteries, once change on too low horse, data of the system when preventing to cut off the power is missing. CNC Milling CNC Machining