The foundation that machine program of numerical control machine tool weaves -- process designing coordinate is

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Department of process designing coordinate is basis of process designing personnel the built coordinate such as part drawing appearance and treatment craft is. Department of process designing coordinate is used for process designing commonly, the actual outfit that work semifinished product need not consider to go up in the machine tool when coordinate of affirmatory process designing is fastened places the position. If the graph is shown 1 times, among them O2 fastens origin for process designing coordinate namely. Graph the origin that origin of process designing of department of coordinate of 1 process designing is the department of process designing coordinate that reachs make choice of of treatment craft requirement according to processing part drawing type. Process designing origin should choose the design in the spare parts as far as possible fiducial or craft is fiducial on, the reference axis direction with the numerical control corresponding machine tool that the direction of each axis in department of process designing coordinate should use with place is consistent, if the graph shows the process designing origin for turning spare parts 2 times. Graph origin of 2 affirmatory process designing CNC Milling CNC Machining