Cope with titanium seriously

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Is which machine tool titanium can prove to be it only this kind of metal and build? If you had machined titanium, especially large titanium spare parts, so you can have reason to say, should make a machine tool technically for this kind of metal. SNK America is a supplier that provides this kind of machine tool. In fact, this company is located in in machine tool of 4 in center of technology of new Chicago area great distances have two the stage is this kind of machine tool. They are milling titanium material namely and design technically, use the technological process of client of test and verify at present. However, mike McGuire of selling manager of this firm whole nation thinks, the main obstacle that adopts these machines is clearly, "These machine tools are not cheap. " but, these two machine tools actually need not at machining titanium, this basically is the high cost as a result of titanium material, and the property of workpiece itself. Large titanium spare parts often has extremely high value, profit is rich and generous. The metallic excision that machines to raising titanium is led and produce the investment of efficiency, regular meeting gets comparing other the redound with any taller metals. A lot of enterprises can not see this, because everybody had been been used to,use vintage method to machine this metalloid. A lot of enterprises from before now and then machine titanium, develop to need to often machine titanium now gradually. Nevertheless, they still continue to be in agree with the metallic stuff that one kind tries to machine titanium hard on the machine tool that processes average data. Mr McGuire calls this kind of way " gnaw bite " , take volume of low penetration of a cutting tool and the cutting tool route that choose meticulously, try to come with the manufacturing level of lowermost standard cutting titanium workpiece. People often thinks, this machines the means that titanium material should use namely, but this kind of means was not necessary. Quantity of deep penetration of a cutting tool also can be on titanium material treatment gives straight slot, resemble be on other metal same. Agree with the machine tool that processes titanium data is one of methods that improve productivity, its purpose is to let the simplest treatment options become the most businesslike means. The process drops in temperature picture 1 with 2 specifications this, the part that shows in the graph is plane flap slideway, there is a 1in above (1in=25.

4mm, similarly hereinafter) insert groove thickly. Use horizontal titanium when machining center machines this chamfer fast and direct, the knife carrying mill that chooses diametical 8in, 0.

The cutting deepness of the round horn radius of 25in and 2in. Treatment facilities is Niigata (place of group of SNK machine tool belongs to a company) machining center of horizontal of HN80D hard course. And this kind " titanium " the machine tool of edition has the heavy cut function that surmounts hard course, include main shaft of CAT 50 Big Plus of a tall torque and tall torque motor. Clamping force of workbench of this machine tool rose than standard edition 50% , tool carrier also increased clamping force. Graph on slideway of flap of 1 treatment plane when inserting groove, used the horizontal machining center that makes for titanium material only to take a knife can mill gives its place to need width, film to go to the lavatory photograph, what milling machines here is steel, because do not have cooling fluid, can see the picture that cut bits clearly so when the Nextpage inserting groove on the plane flap slideway after 2 treatment are finished processes titanium data, tigidity is very important. Because its tensile strength is high,this is not only, because quantity of heat is met,still bring a risk. Titanium is hot undesirable conductor, the quantity of heat of the generation when treatment will be accumulative in cutting area. This also is cutting the main challenge of this metalloid. Want to be fuel factor control under the temperature under influence cutting, involve the element of many sided, include the high pressure of cooling fluid and flow not only, still include the sharp rate of cutting blade, be opposite in order to maintain cutting dynamic demand as far as possible low. Sharp degree is particularly sensitive to vibration, oscillatory meeting makes edge becomes blunt, the power that brings about cutting and quantity of heat increase, thereby craft itself also machines titanium effectively no longer. Accordingly, to titanium, the design of the machine tool of tall tigidity and craft one part reason is to maintain low temperature (graph 3) . Graph the character that the machine tool with 3 good tigidity has heavy cut force and high accuracy at the same time, the aperture of the diametical 4in that shows in the graph can show this, what some uses diametical 4in is flat auger take a knife achievable, some is to pass helix milling to finish tall Composite to be able to machine a kind with the rate treatment of 210ipm bigger the machine tool with more complex titanium part, the 5 axes of HPS120A that are SNK profile modeling milling machine. This machine tool is electromotor of servo of hard course, big thrust and tall torque main shaft. Main shaft installation is in ahead of a complete profile modeling, the athletic limits of A axis is 180 ° , c axis is 360 ° (graph 4) . Graph the 4 big range motion around runner shaft coming back can incorporate the measure that hold clip, because the treatment that has extreme or mixed point of view inside a cycle can pass the motion of limits of old point of view to undertake deepness cutting to titanium material, the treatment that changed a lot of spare partses to go up in this machine tool is politic. Long titanium spare parts is machined on planer-type milling machine normally, limits of runner shaft coming back is lesser. To extreme angle, the spare parts needs for many times to hold clip. Profile modeling milling machine can save the cause of time, it is to have high metallic purify rate not only, return the operation combination of many independence enters a cycle before. This machine tool still has horizontal configuration, this is another characteristic that its improve cutting efficiency. Metallic bits falls from cut and be far from, reduced the craft invalidation that causes by metallic bits accumulation or cutting tool to become blunt to wait for a risk. When install and uninstalling workpiece, workbench edge center rotates and put down, because this can undertake quickly install and be uninstallinged, OK still even by a flexible system, if tray moves back and forth,the car undertakes assembling and unassemble. This example, combinative machine tool is in the productivity inside individual cycle, make the large part that it can make small lot effectively. Mr McGuire says: "A kind of of this kind of machine tool main user is those future spare parts of qualitative to processing titanium material aircraft has demand, devoting oneself to this user. " be in in the near future, after the aircraft order of keep long in stock drops, manufacturing general develops towards a few tall compound direction likely. If appear this kind of circumstance, so another kind of means can get used to such demand, a machine tool that designs for the special demand of titanium material only will have profit greatly. CNC Milling CNC Machining