Swedish ABS company trusts dark the bit that helps climate

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Cutting tool expert dark the capable person that helped climate roll out pair of times reliable expression is qualitative -- CTC5235, the ABS company that is located in accept of Swedish gas peaceful (make industrial outsize pump) the treatment solution that reliant dark pulls climate to offer. The main treatment material of ABS company, 40% it is stainless steel, 50% it is cast-iron, remain 10% it is alloy of aluminium alloy, titanium and copper. The large pump machine of ABS company machines average need 115 hours. Among them 90 hours are machined with engine of Yu Zheng type, other time is installed with Yu An and debug. Dark the milling that pulled climate CTC5235 material to reduce the handling time pump case of 25% effectively to combine an aspect character, it is whole treatment in the process the most important the worst also treatment process. Be here Hans Axelsson (dark pull climate north Europe selling manager) with Anders Laago(dark play manager of climate Sweden big client) introduce CTC5235 talent this one working procedure character. Mr Laago says: "We very anatomize the composition of material, parameter and result, decide we can satisfy all requirement of ABS product. " the Tommy Johansson that comes from ABS product mentions: "What Mr Axelsson and Mr Laago say is right. Original I am discovery saved 25% handling time only. But dark the capable person that helps climate still brought more breathtaking result character: CTC5235 can reduce the handling time of 25% not only, and make the life of cutting tool raised one times above! " cutting tool expert -- dark pulling climate the 2nd times to give prize is to machining impeller (the core component of pump) when. The exterior brim of impeller blades is fine vehicle. Does Mr Laago say: ? Example of pa Tao  tends or guard a gate 2 emperor of ぁ of commonplace of  of idle of planning to joke and magpie of  of  commonplace ぞ seeks Qiang of  of  of rice huller Gui to need hare of  of plating of  of  of plating of bursa of lazy ⒌ of じ Gou Tiao carries  of left-eyed flounder plating oh サ neon goes straight towards  of creek Du Ta to kitchen the crusty pancake crouchs! Earnest of  of peach of  of す of commonplace of the Mian that shut  is pounded by  of herd of サ of  of Quan of bad fourth T TC5235 material of Mo of barium of enthalpy of  of  of  of perch annulus school was a client to provide a help again character. This new razor blade is had turn over the life of times, promoted the cutting of 50% parameter at the same time, and satisfied a client to be machined workpiece surface quality is good the requirement that does not have burr. We know very well " the path of water " the industry leader that ABS group is pumping station of network of system of water pump and product of water pump periphery, boiler circulation, dehydration system, sewage and sewage disposal respect. ABS group all the time how cleanness saves water, cleanness as far as possible the grand target that much water regards them as. ABS uses their product and service, be carried to sewage and handle the way that offerred effective. ABS group has 170 employee in gas peaceful accept, they have very professional knowledge and experience in the optimal transmission domain of water and water. The pump of ABS brand kind product, it is calm goods in fact: The order of 75% asks to develop new product, whole project has the pump of 2 standards only. ABS company produces 5000 pump every year, 90% sell toward abroad. The pump that gas peaceful accept produces kind product, be applied extensively at papermaking industry, water treatment industry and fire control industry. Besides pump product, annual gas peaceful accept still produces 800 beater to be used at agitate and circular stickiness liquid, pulp. -- to Anders Petersson of manager of product of ABS company AB reportorial: How much is the average price of a pump? Petersson: "The pump price of an ABS brand is between 1500~150000 euro. The price of 70% is material price. The mean life of these pump is in 30 years of above. " reporter: Up to now, which kinds is the best pump that you make? Petersson: "At present we make the best pump that pass, can the water that every second transmits 3 stere, can with 13 cling to the height that pressure sends water to 130 meters. The engine power demand of this pump is 5000KW. " reporter: Is the development trend of the market what kind of? Petersson: "The size of the pump that the client orders now is larger and larger. The new market that we discover now is mixed in biology alcohol, wind energy the investment of the increases ceaselessly fire extinguishing system of oil industry. " reporter: You from when begin and dark pull weather firm to begin to cooperate, how do you assess the cooperative impact between you? Petersson: "Our company from 20 centuries 90 time begin and CERATIZIT dark pull weather company cooperation, cooperate all the time very happy. Dark pulling climate is a reliable partner, hand in period, what the respect such as product quality and technical support does is first-rate. The success with CTC5235 qualitative material proves again dark pulling climate is technical leader, our choice is right. Our choice is right.. CNC Milling CNC Machining