Develop tool set and processing technique of cut of electric spark line

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In recent years, industry of our country mould had great progress. Mould production value was 61 billion RMB 2005, made an appointment with 2006 72 billion, average and annual with 20% ~ the rate of 25% rises. The level has the technology of the mould to rise significantly likewise, the function of a few homebred and high grade moulds already approached the advanced level of foreign congener product, and great majority of these high grade mould are plastic pattern and strong tool set. The treatment of punch model cannot leave machine tool of cut of electric spark line (WEDM) . According to statistic, our country has the WEDM of 80% to be used at developing tool set to machine about. The punch model current situation of our country advanced level is indicating punch model is advanced horizontal is high accuracy, macrobian life, multitask class receives a standard, it has a structure complex, production difficulty big, precision efficiency of long, production mixes tall, life high bad news of low cost material can characteristic, it is one of exact pattern variety that our country key develops. Representative electric machinery core folds a hard alloy multitask automatically class receives a standard, precision amounts to 2 M, step pitch precision amounts to 3 M, 1 of double circumgyrate precision, section precision 1 M, ra0 of exterior surface roughness.

1 ~ 0.

4 M, life 100 million; Electric machinery core waits when nimble of treasure of black cropland of American Ao Baige, Japan, France double platoon folds a model automatically, precision is 1 M, 2 M of step pitch precision, mould life 200 million. Although precision already approached foreign advanced level, but life has certain difference. Gao Shuiping's air conditioning implement wing piece multitask class receives a standard, precision amounts to 2 M, the working face of protruding, sunken model is close 1000 place, strong reduce gap for 0.

Of 01mm amount to 300 much place, develop a wing piece number amounts to 36, mould life 200 million above; The 36 ~ that company of GBS of OAK of machine of Japanese day high spirit, United States, Italy makes count a wing 72 times piece class receives a standard, precision amounts to 2 M, 3 M of step pitch precision, life 500 million above. Same, precision already approached foreign advanced level, but mould life has bigger difference. Reflect tall difficulty the spare parts of colour canal electron gun of figuration (G5) 25 labour hard alloy class receives a standard, precision amounts to 2 M, the mould applies on high speed punching machine, strong make 0.

245mm does not have magnetism stainless steel thickly, via each working procedure hind, goods precision amounts to ± 5 M, mould life 3 ten million second above; Day of Japanese Toshiba, Japan establishs the colour that waits for a company to make to be in charge of class of electron gun spare parts to receive a standard, precision is 2 M, 3 M of step pitch precision, mould life 5 ten million second above. Similar pattern life has difference. High-powered integrated circuit frame 32 labour class receives a standard, precision amounts to 2 M, strong on high speed punching machine fast amount to 350 ~ 500 times / cent, life is 3 ten million second above; The model of integrated circuit frame of the 100 feet above that the company such as Ao Baige of Japanese hillside plot, United States makes, precision amounts to 2 M, 3 M of step pitch precision, mould life 100 million. The mobile phone connector that still is like own innovation 50 labour class receives a standard, precision amounts to 2 μ M, step pitch precision 3 μ M, mould life 200 million; Digital camera plays reed 18 labour class receives a standard, receive plug-in unit 46 labour class enters a model to waited to reach higher level. Can see on put together, the production level that has model of punch of representative our country nicety, complex, efficient, macrobian life (surface roughness of precision, surface) already was close to or reach foreign advanced level, and above of these moulds model the crucial position such as aperture, fixed position aperture basically relies on accurate WEDM to undertake machining, closely related the technical progress of model of punch of nicety of demonstrative our country, complex, efficient, macrobian life and WEDM technology progress. The WEDM cent of our country takes a chance of cut of electric spark line for low speed (LSWEDM) reach high speed to take a chance of cut of electric spark line (HSWEDM) two kinds. Standard of punch of nicety, efficient, complex, macrobian life is average undertake machining by LSWEDM. LSWEDM domestic and international current situation reachs his the application in punch model is overall for, the technical content of LSWEDM belongs to product of new and high technology in machine tool industry, but from domestic and international development the case looks, the technical level of itself can divide roughly for: Top class, high-grade, intermediate 3 administrative levels. This kind of LSWEDM represented ◆ top class opportunity current and top level, but the product that basically is Switzerland and Japan. The speed of the biggest cut of this kind of machine tool is 400 ~ 500mm2/min, highest treatment precision can amount to ± 1 M, ra is exterior surface roughness 0.

05 M, treatment surface does not have degenerative layer, have φ 0.

The filament cut function of 02mm, the function is all ready, automation rate is high. For example: The machine tool of series of AGIE CUT VERTEX with Swiss strange A, the ± of = of outline precision Tkm(Tkm that its process work [maximum - the least value] / 2) is ± 1 M, ra is 0.

05 M, treatment surface does not have degenerative layer; Machine tool of cut of the ROBOFIL2050TW of Er of Swiss summer rice, 6050TW double silk, 1 M of ± of highest treatment precision, ra is 0.

05 M, have perfect treatment surface quality; Still be like the relevant machine tool that 3 water chestnut of Japanese, Mu Ye, Shadikesheng produces. This kind of machine tool is the biggest the characteristic is not only treatment precision is tall, and the surface does not have degenerative layer, the nicety of the OK and direct mould that finish is machined, machines mould life already reached mechanical grinding level. ◆ high-grade machine (standard machine) this kind of machine tool is had commonly wear filar function automatically, prevent without resistor electroanalysis power source, some also has filament (φ 0.

03mm) cut function, speed of the biggest cut 400 ~ 500mm2/min, treatment precision is in commonly ± 3 M (precision definition is endless and same) , ra is 0.

2 ~ 0.

3 M, this kind of machine tool also basically is produced by Switzerland and Japanese company. For example: The series of AGIE CUT EXCELLENCE with Swiss strange A, its machine precision (Tkm) ± 1.

5 M, ra is 0.

1 M, have higher level; Be like again: The machine tool of series of AGIE CUT PROGRESS with Swiss strange A, first time cut is machined, its cut rate falls for the circumstance of 350 ~ 500mm2/min, ra can be amounted to 0.

8 M, have very great economic value, this belongs to the person that above average in high-grade machine. The machine tool that has high-grade engine level still has Switzerland the relevant machine tool that 3 water chestnut of Xiamier, Japan, sanded Dick, Mu Ye manufactures. This kind of machine tool is used extensively also at accurate punch model to machine, but some still needs to grind, grind cooperate to machine. ◆ is intermediate machine (introductory machine) what Switzerland, Japan is in China is solely invested (joint-stock) enterprise to get used to the need of Chinese market, also produce at the same time a few intermediate machine tool. Be like: Special type of Japanese sanded Dick (Suzhou) concerned model machine tool of production; Dalian concerns the machine tool of model in series of FA of 3 water chestnut; ROBOFIL380 of Er of Swiss summer rice, 390 machine tools and the XENON machine tool that Miersheng produces Beijing A Jixia. These machine tools are in commonly 60 ~ 800 thousand yuan / stage (intermediate norms) . The company that Taiwan and Taiwan produce in the mainland is average also the LSWEDM of aborning grade level. Intermediate the machine tool is had commonly without resistor, prevent electroanalysis speed of power source, cut is 300 ~ 400mm2/min, treatment precision can amount to ± 5 M, ra is 0.

4 ~ 0.

5 M. Should point out, according to the machine tool data that foreign place provides, the assessment technique of precision of each company treatment is endless and same, the treatment workpiece data that is used at evaluating treatment precision, appearance, measurement is different also, accordingly, about top class machine, high-grade machine, intermediate of machine state offer reference only. As a result of the union of LSWEDM accurate processing technique and technology of treatment surface integrality, make on LSWEDM processing technique a new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position, urged standard of punch of nicety, complex, macrobian life the progress of processing technique, the effect that cannot replace is had in making LSWEDM is machined in accurate punch model. As the rapid development of mould industry, the market of LSWEDM also is extending ceaselessly, LSWEDM home produced per year a quantity 2003 only 800, come to already amounted to 1800 2004, amounted to 2400 2005, preliminary 2006 count makes an appointment with 3500, production value makes an appointment with 25 ~ 3 billion RMB. Predict to there still will be larger development space henceforth. The technical progress HSWEDM of HSWEDM is used at punch model to machine likewise, but give priority to with medium, cheap mould commonly. As a result of its practical, economy, there is bigger market in home so, crop of item the year before last year is amounted to 3.

5 ~ 4.

0 / or so years, production value makes an appointment with 1.4 billion RMB. Pattern production company basically equiped this kind of machine tool, some amounts to 15 ~ 20, but precision of treatment of this kind of machine tool is inferior (dimension precision 0.

015mm) , treatment surface quality is poorer, but level of latter HSWEDM technology had greater progress. According to LSWEDM for many times the principle that cut realizes accurate treatment, begin to have the research of cut technology for many times to HSWEDM, break through somewhat. Like Shanghai the development of a few businesses such as new scintilla of many, Suzhou produced cut HSWEDM new product for many times, rose to machine precision, improved exterior quality. Realize cut processing technique for many times, the problem that basically solves is: Form of space of silk of the electrode in machining a process metabolic control, for this, the control orgnaization of tension of the oriented device that uses tall wearability, constant and use filar rate the measure such as programmed control adjustment, this is the postulate that implements cut for many times; Narrow arteries and veins is wide, tall the new-style pulse power source of peak value electric current is those who raise cut craft level for many times is important assure; Be like again: Use short distance move back and forth to walk along silk, change to dog control method, undertake systematic craft experiment develops cut software for many times to wait; The athletic precision that raises a machine tool is opposite for many times the HSWEDM of cut appears more important. For many times the treatment craft level that cut raised HSWEDM. For example: Of company of Suzhou new scintilla for many times cut HSWEDM, in surface roughness of the surface after 3 cut Ra ≤ 1.

When 2 μ M, machine speed ≥ 50mm2/min on average, machine workpiece surface burnish, without cut stripe. The 190mm2/min of speed of the biggest cut of the machine tool, ra0 of optimal surface surface roughness.

8 μ M; Of series of Shanghai many TP for many times cut HSWEDM, ≤ of the Ra after having cut 3 times 1.

0 μ M, machine precision (dimension is poor) ≤ 6.

0 μ M. With all directions that this company machines workpiece is exemple (next watches) , show the cut technology application on HSWEDM for many times, make HSWEDM machines craft level to have bigger promotion. The expectation of WEDM mould processing technique as multitask the ceaseless development that class takes a pattern, by odd platoon class enters modular technology Xiang Shuang to discharge many class to develop into modular technology; And multitask the function that class takes a pattern is more and more complex. Fold a multitask automatically with electric machinery core class is into the model exemple, core big norms is folded automatically piece, core double platoon twists groove to fold piece, many straight chamfer is folded piece, big circumgyrate is folded piece, double circumgyrate is folded piece etc. Accordingly, mould structure the demand that bigger and bigger, nicety machines more and more complex, production difficulty is higher and higher, to satisfy the need that the mould admits, promoted the WEDM development to higher administrative levels, and develop way on behalf of WEDM high administrative levels should belong to LSWEDM. In the treatment process of LSWEDM, to reduce the person's intervention, assure to reach expectant craft target, automation, informatization is the development direction of LSWEDM. The expert system that perfects in top class machine, high-grade machine and electrode silk are exchanged automatically (multitask wear cut of silk, double silk automatically to change silk automatically) on the foundation, farther implementation workpiece is exchanged automatically (AWC) , with completing full treatment process automatically, reduce the person's intervention, with achieving booked treatment goal. The system of AGIE VISON CNC with Swiss strange A and robot or buy of outfit remove stage makeup and costume and close suitably with network function, comprise what intelligence changes to make a system. For example, the Swiss A strange EVOLUTION 3 LSWEDM of company of Chelar industry pattern, deserve to use the SD10 that can install 10 workpiece tray manipulator and PROWN&SHARPE CMM to measure machine hind, implementation is full automatic unmanned guard moves, machine tool year moving man-hour already amounted to 6800h. The CNC system of edition of millennium of company of Er of Swiss summer rice is to be based on WINDOWS NT operating system, in the QCRW that installs inside the control on ROBOFIL240CC/440CC manipulator, have can assemble and unassemble the tray that hefts 100kg workpiece. In addition, CNC system is had receive a local area network (LAN) standard configuration, still contain on machine interface of a RJ-45 and aether net card. In respect of automation, informatization, the 64 CNC system that still has 3 water chestnut of system of CNC of company of Japanese sanded Dick, Japan, had the system with these complete functions, match in order to standardize mechanical interface, pass the manipulator of 3R system or EROWA system, can realize workpiece conveniently (tray) automatic exchange. CNC Milling CNC Machining