In turning treatment efficient with high accuracy

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The G200 turning center of Index company produces the actual application in the factory to make clear in BMW company: In unit of compositive intelligence treatment, the treatment means that uses two pairs of main shaft can reduce the handling time of workpiece greatly. This turning center is collateral structure, make turning center has groovy turning and good car more rationalize. The G200 turning center of company of Index of significant economic handling time is compositive the function that changes treatment unit to have linkage of double main shaft of modular, high-power, four-axle, make handling time shortens further thereby. The idea that has holding clip at working axis with other have the aid of is contrary, this product applies compositive intelligence to machine unit to be able to make workpiece installs clip automatically to reach the designated position to undertake machining. Change character, when automatic outfit is placed, won't affect the treatment of another main shaft, this one characteristic can shorten the handling time of about 10 % . In addition, four-axle treatment is very quick, can at the same time two cutting tool undertake machining. When the machine tool it is didymous investment when using, of efficiency rise more apparent. That is to say, groovy turning and good car are OK and collateral install two machine tools. The differentia between groovy turning and good car is worn in Yu Dao merely and centralize system of constant temperature cooling fluid. But what differ with groovy treatment is: Groovy treatment can use two tool carrier and a rear push frame to undertake machining; And a tool carrier can be used only when good car. Can undertake doing type good treatment on the machine tool of two kinds of types, the maker that is technology program only needs the pitch time that elaborate design balances, and the module structure that Index machine tool offers makes its have stronger flexibility. Raise productivity as what manufacture efficiency ceaselessly with high accuracy, the user also raised very tall requirement to precision. When using G200 turning center to undertake machining, most need processes 4 work after cold start-up, with respect to the public errand that can achieve ± 6mm. In machining a process, precision maintains normally in 2mm. What so Index company offers a client is high accuracy, efficient whole program, and the program that offers this kind of high accuracy, need selects the functional part such as main shaft, bearing meticulously. G200 turning center obtained favorable result in automobile factory of company of German BMW Landshut in application. This factory produces engine not only, and plastic garnish is mixed inside the component that production is cast by light metal and still becomes, car turn to an axis. Quality superintendent thinks, its treatment precision is very accurate: Successive public errand takes the 15mm that it is ± , bearing tolerancepublic errand is ± 6.

5mm. In addition, the gimbal of treatment used Index firm full automatic intelligent treatment is unit. First the prior operation before the center uses two stage turning to undertake workpiece makes bugle call, undertake after treatment online measure, send through conveyer belt next undertake gear hobbing, clean and quench processing. In last working procedure, used the 2nd Index to process a system. Be opposite by center of two G200 turning the bearing that turns to a section have good car. Finish inside the machine tool online measure, send to discharge unit next. Machine unit and complete confluence compositively to arrive in the layout of the workshop, accord with human engineering requirement, cover an area of an area to decrease greatly, and want two employee watch only create unit can. CNC Milling CNC Machining