Flying second crystal of photon of laser beam machining is fiber-optic miniature F

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Foreword is fiber-optic law Po antrum (Fabry-Perot, f-P) cent is asked for originally to ask for antrum and blame originally model F-P antrum, antrum of F-P of Ben Zhengguang fine makes craft difficulty taller, sensor of antrum of F-P of Ben Zhengguang fine makes and rather than relatively simple, be not this asking for model fiber-optic F-P sensor is fierce its have sensitivity tall, fight electromagnetism interference, anti-corrosive, insulating property is good, facilitate be waited for an advantage by wide application at measuring meet an emergency, pressure, oscillatory, acceleration, refractive index with network of telemetering of composition of fiber-optic transmission system physical quantity, be not this asking for traditionally however F-P antrum basically passes the end panel treatment two Chan Moguang fine to be specular reflection face, load a sealed glass inside the canal and form, make in its a lot of problems still exist in the process: The process of 1) complete handmade that make makes of F-P sensor but repeatability is poorer, when forming F-P antrum to receiving two fiber-optic end panel, antrum grows more difficult control, the F-P antrum that if want to make a batch of same pitch,grows accordingly will be very difficult; Two in making fiber-optic end panel of 2)F-P antrum are polluted easily by the aeriform dust in air, and connection is used when the butt joint the capillary easier also attaint of two fiber-optic end panel is fiber-optic end panel. The article reported one kind is in photon crystal is fiber-optic (Photonic Crystal Fiber, the miniature F-P sensor that makes directly on PCF) , the department is used close infra-red the method that flying second laser writes directly on PCF is made and become, the method that make is simple, the scale that can implement fiber-optic F-P antrum changes batch to make, have better applied prospect. The temperature that still machines formation F-P sensor to using this method and character of meet an emergency had a test. Laser makes the flying second of structure of antrum of 1 miniature FP in this PCF F-P antrum in use close infra-red flying second laser, if treatment system unit pursues 1. PCF guides for refractive index light PCF(ESM-12-01) , bases is melt quartz SiO2. Adoption laser light source is amplifier of second birth of titanium gem laser (Spitfire-F, spectra-Physics) , wavelengh is 800nm, energy is J of 100 μ , pulse width is 100fs, repeat frequency to be 1 ~ 5 KHz. What give ejaculation laser to want to be 10 μ M through a diameter above all from inside flying second laser is narrow a smooth filter (Spatial Light Filter) stimulates the quality of beam of light with rising and enlarge bundle, vacuum tube is added in the alveolus place of dimensional filter small perhaps lens can prevent puncture air bring about ionization (add vacuum tube petty gain, bad to install; Small lens is simple, price tall) . Field lens is passed after be being reflexed via dichronic mirror next (enlarge multiple 20, numeric aperture NA=0.

45) focusing is on the PCF that needs treatment. Laser gives the energy that shoots light to be controlled by an attenuator, attenuator rises with by a half-wave plate slant implement form. Use by computer pilot three-dimensional and floating platform (PI, german) will control PCF accurately to be in X, y, the position of Z direction, the accuracy on Z direction is 100nm, the accuracy on Y direction is 125nm, the accuracy on Z direction is 7nm. With glow diode enlightens the PCF that is machined, photograph through CCD real time on monitor like the head monitoring is fiber-optic the formation of F-P antrum process. Graph system of small treatment of laser of 1 flying second flies in machining a process second laser is inside cutty time and dinky space with fiber-optic (silicon) interaction, obtain effective height to accumulate to the energy of infuse of towel of the collect inside action area, the temperature inside action area asks in twinkling inside rise quickly, fuse what exceed silicon far with aerification temperature is worth, make the plasma that silicon height ionization spends into high temperature, high pressure, high density, the form that the silicon inside final action area erupts outwards with plasma gets purify. Of plasma erupted to take away all quantity of heat almost, the temperature inside action area regains the position to the front of treatment basically, avoided to heat up fused existence in this one process thereby, realized the cold working on opposite meaning, greatly abate a lot of and negative effect that the fuel factor in conventional treatment brings, two end panel that treatment gives are opposite level off. In treatment, the form that major dust erupts outwards with plasma gets purify, a few dust that housing remains can pass ultrasonic or scour off of hydrofluoric acid solution. A when machined in the experiment it is 75 μ M longly, widely, greatly respectively, 30 μ M, the rectangular chamfer of 80 μ M, fine core was formed by two end panel of hollow part the miniature blame that an antrum grows to be 75 μ M about drafts F-P speech originally, if its structure pursues 2, if pursue,its interfere spectral line 3. Graph 2 photon crystal is fiber-optic (EMS-12-01) end panel and photograph of F-P antrum objective and knot composition of a picture 3 photon crystal is fiber-optic F-P antrum reflexes spectrum 2 tests result and discuss the plan antrum structure lays 2 miniature F-P to check its inside constant temperature box antrum grows to change along with temperature, monitor real time through spectrometer and collect data. The temperature in the experiment changes model Pu is - 20 ℃ ~ + 100 ℃ , 10 ℃ need every other data is collected after temperature is stable. Wavelengh of spectral line of interference of miniature FP antrum and the relation that temperature changes and its antrum grow to be like a graph along with result of temperature change test 4. Graph the concern that 4 wavelengh and antrum grow to change with temperature by experimental result knowable, in temperature by - 20 ℃ change in the process of 100 ℃ , the quantity of the biggest change with FP antrum long speech is 0.

115 μ M, its temperature coefficient is 0.

958nm / ℃ , the experiment is measured so that around 1540nm drift of stripe wave crest is 0.

206 Nm. Secure the two end of PCF respectively go up in stage of two or so jiggle, bring to bear on prestressing force makes fiber-optic pull straight, what miniature F-P antrum is located in PCF be fixedded is mid, secure the jiggle stage of one aspect of the matter, PCF of drawing of other one aspect of the matter. The mobile limits of jiggle stage is 0 ~ 130 μ M, if result of test of character of meet an emergency of miniature FP antrum pursues 5. In 0 ~ in the limits of 1500 μ ε , wavelengh drift 5.

43nm, sensitivity is 0.

ε of μ of 0036 Nm / . Graph the relation of position of wave crest of 5 1550nm area and meet an emergency the article reported 3 conclusion to savor put oneself in another's position one kind in total reflection photon fiber-optic on with close infra-red the method of sensor of F-P of miniature of treatment of flying second laser, this method but from go up at all manual operation, efficiency is low in overcoming tradition of fiber-optic F-P speech to make a method and repeat a poorer defect to be opposite the PCF F-P pitch that this legal system makes served as sensor of fiber-optic meet an emergency to make temperature and evaluation of meet an emergency, the PCF F-P pitch that as a result Yue Ming makes has taller sensitivity and very good degree of linearity as sensor of fiber-optic meet an emergency. Antrum of this PCF F-P is in fiber-optic become last time cut, need not mechanical joining together, as completely fiber-optic and online parts of an apparatus, the strain that can use extensively at general environment to fall is measured. In addition, its make convict directly on Yu Guang fine, antrum grows the character such as shorter, stability, in facilitating embedded material or structure in order to form distributed much place testing system, be in thereby fiber-optic Potassium can have wide applied perspective in material and structural domain. CNC Milling CNC Machining