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In recent years, the competition of the manufacturing industry inside alive bound limits becomes more and more intense, the enterprise is in as far as possible inside short time efficient, of low consumption offer individuation for the client the ability of high quality product, already made a mark of industry competition ability. Investment of the quality that the discretion of mould character will affect a product directly, crop, cost, new product and old product change requirement. So, how is ability more effective improve mould quality? That is to say, how can just let a mould be in high accuracy, low cost, efficient below the condition, does production give high quality qualification to make? This and mould finishing have very big concern, also make the central point that each enterprise pays close attention to increasingly. Mould finishing is not a simple topic, it includes mould polish and mould to solder etc. Mould polish is well-known, plastic mould steel needs a very good polishing skill to reflect the performance of material essence, but polishing problem is a difficult problem that the enterprise cannot solve at all all the time. This industry already achieved the bridge the requirement of the abrade technology that place of company of high quality client agrees with. Increasingly the skill that essence of life takes, innovation goes cannot effect of imitated lens face finish machining, from small to using the proposal of rolled steel to arrive hole solve wait for a problem, reach the accurate part with all sorts of complex form, the bridge this HASHIMOTO all but corresponding. The biggest question that encounters in polishing is " polishing is excessive " , polishing is excessive it is to show polishing time is longer, mould surface quality is poorer. Produce polishing excessive from time to tome two kinds of phenomena, namely " orange skin " and " small hole " , polishing is excessive happen at mechanical polish more. Graph 1 bridge this original creation product -- material of polishing bad news, oilstone and get the ◆ such as gesso " orange skin " irregular, rough surface is called " orange skin " , generation " orange skin " the reason that has a lot of differring. Because polishing pressure reachs polishing time to grow too greatly too,the commonnest cause is, and polishing method is undeserved wait. Discover exterior quality is bad, a lot of people can increase polishing pressure, extend polishing time, those who increase polishing flow is undeserved, often can make exterior quality becomes poorer. ◆ " small hole " " small hole " or " arenaceous aperture " forming is the metalloid field trash that plants as a result of steel (foreign matter) , it is hard and fragile oxide normally; Be pulled from rolled steel surface in polishing process, form " small hole " or " arenaceous aperture " . Main influencing factor is as follows: 1, grow when polishing pressure and polish; 2, of rolled steel pure degree, especially rigid field trash (foreign matter) content; 3, polishing tool; 4, abrade material. How does the circuit that polishing operates choose abrade the operation order with polishing, depend on completely the experience of polishing handlers and the tool that its use and equipment. The character of material is influential also to operating sequence. Efficiency of 1 consideration treatment should acknowledge ◆ polish flow above all the crude rate that treatment tastes, this exercise should undertake cannot having a mistake carefully, also have the possibility that cannot work according to crude rate, the crude rate that affirms treatment is tasted undertakes polishing according to oilstone of appearance make choice of next, the order of polishing method is the granuality according to oilstone by thick to fine undertake. Oilstone polish method, this exercise is the mainest tall difficulty works, the basis machines tasted different specifications, the part that arranges 70 degrees respectively undertake across balancedly abrade. Optimal limits going there and back is 30 millimeter ~ about 60 millimeter. The material that oilstone exercise also can taste according to treatment pledges and change. After 2 oilstone exercise ends the technological process of polish of effect graph ◆ of polish of face of 2 manual lens, the graph is sand paper exercise, when sand paper works, the generation of the curl that should notice modular benevolence, round horn and orange skin. So oilstone flow accomplishs the finest treatment as far as possible. The key of sand paper polish. Sand paper cooperates harder wooden club to make an appointment with crosswise of 70 degrees of horn to undertake like oilstone exercise abrade, one side sand paper is abrade the frequency makes an appointment with ~ 10 times 15 times. If abrade time is too long, the abrade force of sand paper is met bring down, can bring about treatment face to appear so inhomogenous phenomenon (one of reasons that this also is generation tangerine skin) . Bamboo is used commonly when sand paper works piece undertake abrade, use material actually to pledge the aluminous club with the wooden club with small elastic force or low hardness makes an appointment with 45 degrees of horn to undertake abrade it is most ideal. Abrade face cannot use balata stretch perhaps expensive stuff, cannot use the appearance with 45 degrees of abrade horn to be able to use acute angle. Sand paper has a lot of sort, the heaviest if want an alternative applicable. ◆ polish flow 3 cream with diamond undertake lens face is machined, proper diamond is taken to cream after sand paper works undertake mixture with diluent, brush with horse hair of dynamoelectric circumgyrate tool slowly back and forth abrade. Note a drop: Horse hair brushs abrade face to want to keep horizontal. From 6µ~ 3µ undertakes abrade, cooperate 1µ to get gesso to be able to finish lens face to machine with bubble cotton next. The last program of polishing has two kinds of methods: It is the polishing method of dynamoelectric tool and pneumatic tool; 2 it is manual polish method. But also have different case to planar appearance and spherical appearance. The point of polish of Nextpage lens face exceeds the most important a bit is polishing measure when lens face polish, oilstone is abrade the distance to lens face polish is 10µ . (the idealest it is 1500 oilstone of # begin to undertake abrade) the basiccest principle, before undertaking working next, must will modular benevolence is cleaned clean thoroughly, ability can achieve good result. Want to should not repeat cautiously very much revise (revise issue of meeting influence character repeatedly) . The pressure on the deadline of accept period, time, excessive exhaustion, concentrated force drops, these elements affect the work easily, this want special attention. Polishing operation is a bad news the working procedure with cost time and high cost, the rules with certain comply with can reduce the cost that polishing handles. Each measure of polishing must want to keep clean, this are the most important. 1, what polishing must not have dirt in cleanness is indoor undertake. Because hard grit can pollute abrade material, damage already was close to finished mould appearance. 2, the polish that every polish tool uses a level only gets gesso, deposit inside dustproof or sealed container. 3, should want changeover finer when the arenaceous date of one class, must clean both hands and workpiece. 4, the place that the more difficult polish such as horn of corner, edge and round horn should handle first when beginning polishing. 5, special caution answers when handling pointed horn and edge actor, the attention does not form round horn or curl, what should use stronger polishing tool to have a pattern as far as possible is abrade with oilstone burnish. The factor that affects exterior polish sex uses abrade method to be able to make mould surface bright and clean, bright and clean degree and following element concern: 1, rolled steel character (hardness of rolled steel surface inhomogenous or there is difference to often can increase polishing difficulty on character) . 2, heat treatment craft (heat treatment can affect polishing performance in a lot of respects) . 3, polishing technology (the adoption of polishing craft and material of polishing bad news affects polishing result directly) . Think polishing technology is the mainest influencing factor normally, proper polishing technology, use good polishing bad news those who cooperate the tool rolled steel with good quality and right heat treatment technology to just can achieve satisfaction is material, bright and clean degree. Conversely, polishing technology and bad news material are used undeserved, although use,the most high grade rolled steel also won't achieve the result of high lens face. Oilstone of HASHIMOTO of ◆ HASHIMOTO oilstone is the product that the bridge passes old experience to develop development successfully originally, include GC oilstone and CARBON oilstone. The strict control that this oilstone characteristic is the adjustment that uses balanced arenaceous bead to cooperate adhesive, firing temperature, field trash is the practice of 0 basically. This oilstone is water-solubility, cooperate water-solubility oilstone fluid so, use the exterior activator composition inside oilstone fluid to be able to reduce the occurence rate of the cut in oilstone exercise and scratch, raise the smooth and steady sex of character and mould surface. After GC oilstone applies to heat treatment (hardness is 50 degrees of above) rolled steel; CARBON oilstone is applied to beforehand hard steel (hardness is 40 degrees the following) rolled steel. The chroma that the characteristic that ◆ HASHIMOTO diamond creams this diamond creams is diamond grain compares other trademark tower above 3 times, because this can reflect the dominant position of the dispersive sex of diamond grain and invariability more. Cooperate the use of diluent, can make mould rolled steel achieves the perfect result of finish machining. Getting gesso is construct by grain of diamond of much crystallization body and become, because balanced and tiny knot crystal contains the crystallization scale of much acute angle, the generation of the cut of mould surface and arenaceous aperture can decrease in abrade process, reach efficient operation thereby. And monocrystal diamond creams is construct by odd crystallization body and become, in what the face crystallizes because of acute angle in abrade process exiguous, cause mould face cut easily, produce the phenomenon of arenaceous aperture easily also at the same time. The mould solders mould of technology of argon arc solder solders technology of argon arc solder is to develop a the fastest, application is the widest kind domestic and internationally to solder technology. In recent years, argon arc solder especially by hand solder of arc of tungsten pole argon, the necessary step in becoming all sorts of metal structures to solder, the demand to argon arc solderer is so bigger and bigger also. Some closer year come, degree of the mechanization of argon arc solder, automation got very big rise, face control factor more and more numerical control change directional development, reached a higher level. Graph filled type of precision of 3 SW-V01 freeboard argon arc solders solder of machine argon arc can win so wide application, because be like next advantages,basically be: Argon gas protection can isolate the oxygen in air, nitrogen, hydric the bad influence that waits for pair of electric arc and bath generation, those who reduce alloying element burn caustic, in order to get compact, without splatter, quality solders high contact. The electric arc combustion of argon arc solder is stable, concentration of quantity of heat, arc column temperature is high, solder deliver a child produces efficiency tall, hot influence area is narrow, the weldment stress of place solder, be out of shape, crackle inclination is little; Argon arc solder applies solder for Ming Hu, operation, observation is convenient; Electrode loss is small, arc length maintains easily. Argon arc solder can solder almost all metals, oxidize metal of a few difficult frit, easily especially metal, wait like magnesian, titanium, molybdenum, zirconium, aluminium reach its alloy. So, the freeboard precision filled type that the bridge introduced SW-V01 Japan to be installed formerly before 10 years originally argon arc solders machine (graph 3) , its characteristic is as follows: 1, because the job is in,dinky heat affects this engine exact pattern, OK and accurate set electric current (2 ~ 200A) time (1 ~ 500ms) , assure what the energy of the input uses between welding wire and workpiece quite only to fuse, won't have effect of too much energy at workpiece, be heated spends an influence to fall to lowest, achieve ideal to repair the effect thereby. 2, extremely tall union spends this welder to belong to when soldering, material and matrix achieve metallurgy fusion. The union after solder is spent extremely tall. Applicably all sorts of treatment means, won't appear the union after other welder solder is not firm, fall off wait for a phenomenon. 3, exact tiny position fills solder because solder filling electric current, time gains accurate control, voltaic short time also can be stabilized move, and the place with little nicety also can get ideal solder fills. 4, solder because paper-thin ply solders electric current is the smallest can move in 2A stability, the smallest ply that solders accordingly is corresponding also fall 0.

1mm. 5, of the position of filling solder plane that applies to different position cave, aperture, hole, fine seam, groove, edges and corners, crest line, cave circumjacently after aiguille place, trachoma and common welder solder. Treatment of filling solder discharge, nitriding and soft nitrogen change the pattern after processing. 6, solder navigation should be appointed only solder place, solder the dimension of material, mix with respect to can automatic set show proper electric current, time. 7, when successive TIG mode is undertaking big range solders, use successive TIG mode to be able to obtain receive fluenter weldability and speed sex than laser beam welding (time interval: 0.

1 second ~ 2.

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