Shallow the crucial technology that talks about machine of metallic Laser Cutting

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A few crucial technologies of metallic Laser Cutting are the integrated technology of unifinication of light, machine, report. The function of the parameter that stimulates beam of light, machine and numerical control system and precision affect the efficiency of Laser Cutting and quality directly. Especially the part with taller to cut precision or larger ply, must master and solve the following crucial technologies: The energy density that one of advantages of Laser Cutting of   of technology of focal position control are beam of light is high, general > 10W/cm2. Because energy density and 4/ π D2 become direct ratio, so focal facula diameter as far as possible small, so that arise to be cut narrowly,seam; At the same time focal facula diameter is returned and lenticular Jiao Shen becomes direct ratio. Focusing lens Jiao Shen is smaller, focal facula diameter is smaller. But cut has splatter, lens leaves workpiece too close to damage lens easily, use 5 〃 ~ because application of industry of this general high-power CO2Laser Cutting is medium extensively 7.

5 〃 (127 ~ 190mm) focal length. Diameter of facula of real central issue is in 0.

1 ~ 0.

Between 4mm. To the cut of high quality, effective Jiao Shen still reachs the material that be cut to concern with lenticular diameter. The lens that uses 5 〃 for example cuts carbolic steel, inside the 2% limits that Jiao Shen is focal length, namely 5mm left and right sides. Because this controls focal appearance to be being cut the position of material surface is very significant. Apprehension arrives the element such as speed of cut quality, cut, the metallic stuff of 6mm of in principle < , the focus is in apparently; The carbolic steel of > 6mm, the focus is over the surface; The stainless steel of > 6mm, the focus is under the surface. Specific measure is decided by the experiment. The simple method of position of certain in industrial production central point has 3 kinds of ways that print: Make cut head from go up to move downward, in plastic board aspirant travel stimulates beam of light to print, the smallest part is the diameter that print focus. Inclined board law: Use and vertical axis becomes one angle inclined those who put is plastic board make its water flat tension is moved, search those who stimulate beam of light the smallest part is a focus. Blue scintilla law: Take out nozzle, blow air, make pulse laser in stainless steel board on, make cut head from go up to move downward, till blue scintilla is the biggest,be in for the focus. To the cut machine of flight smooth path, as a result of horn of diverge of beam of light, cut close end and strong and weak points of the light path when far end are diverse, the dimension of beam of light before focusing has certain difference. The diameter of incident beam of light is bigger, the diameter of focal facula is smaller. The change of the focal facula measure that brings to because dimension of the beam of light before focusing changes,decrease, the manufacturer of system of domestic and international Laser Cutting offerred device of a few appropriative to choose for the user: Collimator, this is a kind of commonly used method, add one collimator to have spread in the output end of CO2 laser namely bundle processing, enlarge bundle the diameter of beam of light after greatens, decrescent of horn of disperse the internal heat with sudorifics, make close inside cut work limits end and measure of the beam of light before Yuan Duanju is anxious adjacent and consistent. The lower shaft of the mobile lens of one independence increases on cut head, it and control nozzle are apart from to material surface (Standoff) the part that Z axis is two mutual independence. When machine tool workbench moves or smooth axis moves, beam of light to far end from close end F axis also moves at the same time, make diameter of spot of gloriole of focusing of beam of light is inside whole treatment area keep consistent. CNC Milling CNC Machining