Minim is lubricant the analysis of cutting technology

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Minim is lubricant the technology is a kind of effective green makes a technology, in lubricant, have outstanding advantage except the respect such as bits, the new-style refrigeration that microtherm MQL technology regards a kind of convenient application as machining spot is lubricant technology, the high speed that waits for difficult treatment material in titanium alloy, high temperature alloy and tall hardness material has superior performance in treatment, rate and treatment quality can be machined in what difficult treatment data improves further on the foundation of tooling at present. In process of metallic cutting treatment, want to use cutting liquid normally. Cutting fluid basically has bits of cooling, lubricant, platoon and antirust effect in cutting treatment, conduce to raise cutting tool durability, reduce workpiece heat to be out of shape, make sure workpiece already machined exterior quality to wait. But a large number of use of cutting fluid also caused a lot of negative effects, bring about manufacturing cost to increase greatly not only, still brought massive potential harm to environment and human body health. High speed cutting is a kind of of high-powered treatment main engineering technology, apply already extensively at the industry such as aviation, mould, car. As a result of circumgyrate of high speed of machine tool main shaft (8000 ~ 60000r/min) can be all round cutting tool generate air stream of centrifugal high speed, high pressure, support convention increases the cutting fluid discharge, idea that drops cutting temperature rise to already cannot achieve ideal result. Adopt effective cooling and lubricant requirement, can drop cutting temperature effectively, improve cutting attrition position, restrain cutting tool to wear away, make the main technique way that improves treatment efficiency further. Meanwhile, in metallic cutting treatment domain emerge in large numbers gave a variety of at replacing a tradition using the processing technique of new-style green cutting with the friendly environment of method of wet and cooling lubricant treatment, if do refrigeration of type, liquid nitrogen, sparge refrigeration, wind,Leng Hewei measures lubricant cutting to wait. Minim is lubricant cutting minim is lubricant (Minimal Quantity Lubrication, MQL) cutting is to point to will compress gas (air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide) after mixing vaporization with the lube of infinitesimal, form the droplet of micron class, eject undertakes to treatment area a kind of cutting that lubricates effectively machines a method. The dosage of cutting fluid is only commonly 0.

03 ~ 0.

2L/h(tradition is wet the dosage of cutting is 20 ~ 100L/min) , can reduce effectively cutting tool and workpiece, cutting tool and cut the attrition between bits, prevent felt, prolong cutting tool life, improve treatment surface quality. The applied advantage of MQL is clear, suitable scope is broad, included domestic and internationally about the research of MQL almost all cutting craft, if get,cut, milling, turning and grinding. MQL technology is shirt-sleeve dry type cutting and tradition are wet the advantage with both cutting: On one hand, MQL lowers the dosage of cutting fluid the rate of infinitesimal, reduce the use cost of cutting fluid significantly not only, and synthesize ester high through using natural degradation sex kind as lubricant, utmost ground reduced the cutting fluid harm to environment and human body; On the other hand, compare with photograph of dry type cutting, because MQL introduced cooling and lubricant medium, make the refrigeration of cutting process lubricant the condition is improved greatly, cutting tool, workpiece and cut bits between wear away to be reduced significantly, conduce to those who reduce temperature of cutting force, cutting and cutting tool wearing away. Technology of this kind of cutting also calls cutting of half dry type, there is very big perspective below the influence that gives priority to a problem with green environmental protection in 21 centuries. The construction of system of the MQL of Accu-Lube of system of MQL oily mist and Vogel. Basically mix by system of oily mist supply, nozzle 3 parts make lubricating oil. The system of feed flow of MQL of feed flow system of MQL basically has 2 kinds of forms: One kind is outside system of buy type feed flow; One kind is inside buy type. Inside system of buy type feed flow is compositive in machine tool interior, lube and the duct line that reduce airy mixture to pass the buy inside the aperture inside machine tool main shaft and cutting tool guide treatment area, cooling lube mist supply is more easy. But this means raised new requirement to main shaft structure, often restricted the highest revolution of main shaft. System of buy type feed flow is alone design outside, the structure that oily mist furnishs is simple, need to transform a machine tool scarcely. Lube and compress air to be in the machine tool is exterior after mixing through mixing device but by many nozzle derivative, action is mixed at the cutting tool of treatment area workpiece. But change when the workpiece diameter of treatment bigger or when changing a knife, what the position of former spray head must be moved through the hand or adopt other auxiliary location systems is corrective, will realize the correct fixed position of nozzle axial, radial and angle. In supply of exterior type oily mist, to specific treatment method (if get,cut) the difficulty that returns existence craft to go up. Use at present technology, lube mist can realize long way to compare about 2 ~ only at most in treatment area of 3 lubricant. The milling of deep aperture component also is put in similar problem. To the transmission pulverization of minim cutting fluid, also have 2 kinds of forms: One kind is only channel, this kind of form needs a separate pulverization unit, mix the droplet with good pulverization next compress airy mixture, transmit nozzle through a passageway; Another kind is double passageway, do not need separate pulverization unit, carry two channels, small passageway is minim cutting fluid inside, exterior big channel is compress air, standing by nozzle to be in (pulverization area) or use nozzle to undertake pulverization, then eject arrives cutting area. Compare with photograph of double passageway system, only channel system more facilitate make, but when carrying lube mist, rotate in what have intense centrifugation to fall especially when main shaft is medium, oily mist can be dispersed, this often brings about treatment area oil mist is inhomogenous, make treatment pledges quantitative change is differred. The lube of MQL is mixed to the environment to be reduced as far as possible the influence of human body, the lubricating oil that uses in MQL, cannot use those to contain the traditional cutting juice of a large number of poisonous additive composition again, as MQL cutting treatment uses cutting liquid, the base oil of its green lubricant has synthesis oil of cutting of sex of ester, plant, get together α - alkene (PAO) and get together glycol. And often use the synthetic ester with biology degradation tall sex and oil. Although vegetable oil also has very good biology degradation sex, but its fall in high cutting temperature, mix in workpiece, cutting tool on the tendency that colophony is changed, cutting performance is not good also, do not use basically accordingly. In addition, the size of oily drop grain in lube mist and the lubricant result that collect surface of degree of pair of treatment area cutting tool and workpiece contact are influential. The influencing factor of oily drop size includes to compress dosage of airy pressure, lube and nozzle distance commonly. Below coequal atmospheric pressure, as lube dosage and the addition that nozzle is apart from, oily drop greatens, speed is reduced. When lube dosage is equal, as baric accretion, droplet decrescent, rate increases. Accordingly, the oily drop rate with older grain is low, because oneself is gravitational more incidental in transmit deviate, bring about treatment area to cannot offer oil adequately, affect lubricant result. Normally ordinary control is in the bead diameter of oily drop 2µm is the following. Of oily drop grain collect degree of dosage that basically relies on lube and character, reduce airy dosage, and the structure of nozzle. The kind of influence of influencing factor of main influencing factor that expresses 1 MQL cutting to machine function affects degree lube chemistry class status is favorable, but understanding still inadequate + + + + lube dosage rises to be concerned with particular numerical value and atmospheric pressure + + + + atmospheric pressure rises advantageous + + + + workpiece hardness rises adverse + + + + distance of oily mist eject increases adverse, concern with particular numerical value + + hardness of cutting tool material increases advantageous + + high temperature resistant cutting tool data is favorable + + high temperature resistant cutting tool coating is advantageous + + lube viscosity rises advantageous + + cutting rate rises adverse, concern with lube dosage + + direction of oily mist supply and particular way are concerned + + the applied dominant position that the influencing factor of MQL separates play MQL to fill, the application that seeks economy, zoology and range of treatment function tripartite is optimal equilibrium point, must consider to affect all sorts of factors of MQL application function in the round. Machining complex of MQL cutting treatment gets the interact of a large number of influencing factor, craft model is unusually complex. Material of different technology, different cutting tool, different workpiece and different MQL machining complex are installed (include oily mist dosage of property of distance of direction of supply of supply and mixture means, oily mist, nozzle, lube, lube, compress air pressure) place is shown. Express 1 to raise the main influencing factor that gave MQL cutting to machine function and corresponding effect way and rate. Can see from inside the watch, the dosage of the chemical class status that can affect the factor with the biggest pitch to be lube to MQL cutting processability, lube, hardness that compresses air pressure and workpiece data. Material effect does not make detailed introduction here. This shows, MQL machining complex is the biggest to the influence of cutting treatment function, it is treatment condition next, wait like system of workpiece material, cutting tool and cutting parameter. The cutting processability of MQL can study the result already confirmed in great quantities, be opposite in the cutting treatment application of the material such as alloy of titanium alloy, hard steel of temper by dipping in water, high temperature and stainless steel, with use dry formula cutting and wet cutting photograph is compared, MQL showed good cutting performance, correct and reasonable use MQL can raise cutting tool durability effectively, improve workpiece to already machined exterior quality. The case of contrast of cutting tool durability that leaves hard alloy cutting tool to issue PH13-8Mo of milling stainless steel in the speed of 180m/min in dry cutting, MQL and microtherm MQL condition. Because groovy MQL technology is when material of difficult treatment of high speed cutting, cutting area temperature can make the lubricating film of cutting tool surface loses lubricant effect high too, use drop in temperature effectively the result that the method can improve MQL further. If can be reduced considerably,have compress airy temperature, can increase the strength of cutting area heat exchange on one hand, improve heat exchange result; On the other hand, the rises to be able to make lubricant droplet is formed in cutting tool surface again lubricating film of heat exchange effect retains lubricant ability further, raise the durability of cutting tool thereby. If use MQL and nitrogen band, MQL can behave better cutting performance, this basically is the action lying between oxygen as a result of nitrogen. Working cutting, wet the cutting tool life when Ti-6Al-4V of alloy of titanium of milling of high speed of cutting tool of the hard alloy below the cooling and lubricant condition such as MQL of union of eject of nitrogen of oily mist of nitrogen of cutting, normal temperature, low temperature and microtherm nitrogen efflux is comparative. High speed dry cutting is machined from go up at all the malpractice that solved cutting fluid to bring, be helpful for the protection of the worker's health and environment not only, and can reduce finished cost, it is a kind of green treatment technology that has development outlook very much undoubtedly. But the limitation with apply a domain to get certain. Minim is lubricant the technology is a kind of effective green makes a technology, in lubricant, have outstanding advantage except the respect such as bits, the new-style refrigeration that microtherm MQL technology regards a kind of convenient application as machining spot is lubricant technology, the high speed that waits for difficult treatment material in titanium alloy, high temperature alloy and tall hardness material has superior performance in treatment, rate and treatment quality can be machined in what difficult treatment data improves further on the foundation of tooling at present. Watch 2 MQL and the applied limits workpiece of treatment doing type material aluminous steel is cast-iron GG20 forgings to GGG70 casting alloy easy cutting of steel of bearing of alloy tall alloy quenchs steel moves qualitative steel craft to get cut MQLMQLMQLMQL to work cut MQL to do MQLMQLMQLMQLMQL of whorl of MQLMQLMQLMQLMQL of tap of MQLMQLMQLMQLMQL of the aperture that cut bore with a reamer to get MQL of milling of deep aperture MQLMQLMQLMQL CNC Milling CNC Machining