The gush bolus aggrandizement of different material spare parts

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High strenth steel by throw ball / the remains that gush bolus aggrandizement introduces presses stress is a per cent that draws stress strength finally, this rate as intensity of hardware data itself / hardness increases and increase. High strenth / the metal of hardness is more fragile, and more sensitive to exterior blemish. Undertake throwing ball to its / gush bolus aggrandizement, it is OK to can let these high strenth metals application is in easy happening below fatigue working requirement. The fatigue intensity that plane landing gear designs normally is 300 Ksi (2068 MPa) , union throws ball / gush bolus aggrandizement. Do not have a course to throw ball / of gush bolus aggrandizement, the steeliness spare parts after machine treatment is 30 HRC in hardness.

The left and right sides can acquire first-rate exhaustion property. Like data strength / hardness exceeds this level, its exhaustion intensity because the sensitivity to exterior breach and brittleness increase and the meeting is reduced. Pass those who guide to press stress, fatigue intensity and addition strength / hardness rises into rate. It is 52 HRC when material hardness, the fatigue intensity after aggrandizement can amount to 144 Ksi (993 MPa) , than fighting exhaustion without passing the same data of aggrandizement intensity increased 2 times much. Use throw ball / gush bolus aggrandizement improves high strength / the representative application of hardness spare parts includes to wait to spanner and concussion tool. In addition, shallow scratch of the surface throws ball to the course / the fatigue intensity impact of the high strenth steel of gush bolus aggrandizement is not big, and to without aggrandizement ruinous very big. Cementite steel cementite and nitriding are heat treatment process, can let steel surface have very tall hardness. Be in normally 55~62 HRC. The advantage of cementite steel aggrandizement depends on: · falls in ~200 Ksi (1379 MPa) or higher tall stress level, can offer outstanding fatigue attribute · to reduce the surface cementite is caused because of oxidation between crystal lattice unusual situation is treated to complete cementite and nitriding spare parts, want to obtain first-rate to fight fatigue attribute, suggest use hardness is the bolus makings of 55-62 HRC. Decarbonization steel decarbonization is in heat treatment process, content of ferroalloy surface carbon decreases. Decarbonization can reduce high strenth steel (240 Ksi, 1650 MPa or above) fatigue intensity 70-80% ; Can reduce low intensity steel (2140-150 Ksi, the fatigue intensity 45-55% of 965-1030 MPa) . The decarbonization destruction to fatigue attribute force and decarburized layer deepness do not have special relationship. Decarburized layer is in 0.

003 inches of deepness, its are destroyed force and 0.

030 inches of deepness are same. Aggrandizement craft is confirmed to be a kind of effective method, because decarbonization process losing is fatigue,can restore much intensity. Because the decarburized layer of most spare parts is not easy affirmatory, when should suspecting the spare parts has decarbonization case so, the proposal undertakes to its aggrandizement is handled in order to ensure the spare parts fights fatigue attribute in good conditionly. If a tall hardness (58+ HRC) gear is after aggrandizement, the surface appears to cave badly unusually, this may be suspected to decarbonization exists. Decarbonization often still accompanies the undesirable metallurgy state that has leftover austenite. Connect those who cross cold working to throw ball / gush bolus aggrandizement, can reduce leftover austenite percentage. Iron is in the Ao Beiqiu that iron of abstruse shellfish ball has improved field of a few engineerings, can replace cast steel, cast, weldment. It is had admirable be compared by force again and wearability. Iron of abstruse shellfish ball applies a condition to fall in certain high strenth, also can replace aluminium, 2 its density is aluminium.

5 times, and the 3 times above that intensity is aluminium. Through throwing ball / gush bolus aggrandizement, the bend fatigue intensity of this material still can rise 75% . After Tie Jingjiang changes the Ao Beiqiu of certain order and degree, can the cementite steel that Pi makes than be being used at gear. Cast-iron in recent years, nodular cast iron demand year after year increases, because it is had opposite taller fight fatigue load function. Nodular cast iron it is to did not pass machine treatment normally, use at needing to bear below state of load stress job. Cast surface puts the limitation that be in, if the metropolis such as stomatic, dross, flake graphite comparatives level land bring down the attribute of exhaustion of pearlite ball iron without machine treatment. The basis is cast-iron the blemish state of a surface, limit of spare parts exhaustion is serious, can reduce of 40% . Throw ball / what gush bolus aggrandizement can improve exterior existence small blemish is cast-iron fatigue attribute. For instance, liner of diesel engine cylinder body protects panel. The greatest aggrandizement strength was used in the experiment, the limit of exhaustion of spare parts example that fatigue limit has machined under complete machine 6% the left and right sides. If do not have course aggrandizement, the limit of exhaustion of spare parts example that fatigue limit has machined under complete machine 20% . In addition, look from the exterior, those who pass aggrandizement is cast-iron the surface presents polishing result, burnish, smooth. The high strenth aluminium alloy of aluminium alloy tradition (2000 series and 7000 series) because its have excel in,compare again, apply already generally in aviation domain. Material of a few aluminium alloy is in under aviation / the application of respect of spaceflight manufacturing industry also increases gradually, throw ball / craft of gush bolus aggrandizement also has very good effect to its: Alloy of · aluminous lithium (the tropism metal such as Al-Li) · base composite material (casting of MMC) · is aluminous (Al-Si) titanium Gao Zhou is fatigue (Gao Zhou of titanium of HCF) – is fatigue, compared the fatigue attribute of the titanium alloy connecting rod that uses on high-powered Europe racing bicycle. Through throwing ball / gush bolus aggrandizement, titanium alloy connecting rod compares steeliness connecting rod, weight was reduced 40% and fatigue limit increased 20% . Peptide data low week is fatigue (the application with the commonnest LCF) is to rotating turbine engine spare parts (the turntable that be like eddy, rotor, axis) , these spare partses are in throw ball / durable sex can rise after gush bolus aggrandizement. The takeoff of every time and descend regard a loop as the frequency. Low week is fatigue (invalidation of fatigue fracture of Gao Zhou of LCF) – and low stress level are relevant, low week fatigue fracture invalidation and tall stress level are relevant. The swallow end chamfer that goes up to spare parts of motive of a transmit coming back undertakes throwing ball / the result after gush bolus aggrandizement. Have 2 fiducial load curves without aggrandizement. Used throw ball / after gush bolus aggrandizement, circular exhaustion curve is improved apparently. Magnesium alloy does not need to undertake fighting fatigue processing normally. But if consider,reduce weight, improve a spare parts strong - compare again when, use throw ball / the fatigue strength that gush bolus aggrandizement can increase spare parts 25-35% . The aggrandizement with pulverous reasonable metallurgy can lengthen alloy sintered steel to be able to bear or endure fatigue limit 22% . Car spare parts is like gear, connecting rod is the representative application that pulverous metallurgy material has aggrandizement character, special the pulverous metallurgy that spends to high density forgings, aggrandizement in order to increase fatigue property very effective. Through throwing ball / gush bolus aggrandizement, make the surface compact change, can raise fatigue limit to spend greatly, special apply to be in bend fatigue for a long time to enlist in army the spare parts below the condition. CNC Milling CNC Machining