Intel Skylake already came: Past dynasties cruel farsighted processor check

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Intel just released cruel of the 6th acting Skylake farsighted processor, this feels a bit bemused to a lot of friends that do not know Intel too, why the 6th acting processor that can Intel weigh Skylake to serve as his? And what is generation? Actually, the generation cruel of Intel farsighted the cruel that processor is aimed at jotter namely farsighted the cruel with table machine farsighted 2, is from cruel farsighted begin, intel became the leading sheep of PC processor domain gradually. And the framework code name of farsighted I7 processor is the first cruel Nehalem, the product code name of Nehalem framework processor is Bloomfield, the product that initial stage appears on the market has 3, it is Core I7-920, Core I7-940 and Core I7 Extreme Edition 965 respectively. Subsequently, intel rolled out generation first quarter 2010 processor of craft of 32 accept rice, include 6 nucleuses I7-980X inside, code name of its research and development is Gulftown, use craft of 32 accept rice to make Cheng, possess 6 core, can pass imitate of technology of Cheng transcending a line 12 lines Cheng works at the same time. I7 980X acceded thoroughly controller of memory of DDR3 of technology of the farsighted frequency technology of Nehalem framework Core I7, Cheng transcending a line, 3 passageways, and QPI bus line. Was 2011 next the SandyBridge framework first the 2nd acting cruel farsighted processor, this one is united name for 2000 series, still divide for I7/i5/i3 3 old series, craft is unified for 32nm, and be in besides 6 nucleuses product inside buy GPU chip. Processor of the 3rd acting IvyBridge met with us 2012, this processor used technology of 22 accept rice, name improved technology considerably for 3000 series. The 4th acting cruel farsighted processor framework name is Haswell, the product uses brand-new framework, interface also is changed for LGA 1150, be down the Sandy Bridge of incompatible LGA 1155 and Ivy Bridge platform, and face super- extremely the Haswell platform of our market will use odd chip to design first. Broadwell of the Five Dynasties is in the portion was released formally in June 2015, craft improves 14nm, nucleus of configuration Iris Pro 5200 is shown. And the processor of the 6th acting Skylake with this newest Intel, will appear in September 2015. The change with brand-new the biggest Skylake increased the support to DDR4 memory, frequency of high-end model Core I7-6600U is as high as 2.

6GHz. Processor of this batch of low voltage supports Hyper-Threading to exceed line Cheng technology for the most part, wh some of which supports Turbo Boost farsighted frequency to quicken, highest farsighted frequency but additional the frequency that offers 800 MHz, different type differs somewhat. Additional, craft of 14nm of profit from Intel, the TDP heat of processor of this batch of Skylake designs power comsumption only 15 tile, very energy-saving. CNC Milling CNC Machining