Structure of heavy-duty and mechanical metal solders technical current situation and trend

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In recent years, as the flying development of national economy, manufacturing industry of construction of metal of our country heavy machinery gained the success that your person fixes eyes upon. Our country is world rolled steel uses up big country not only, also be machinery of a world manufacturing industry big country. According to association of international iron and steel (IISI) statistic, world steel output was achieved first 2004 10.

300 million T, the quantity that use steel is 9.

3.5 billion T. Steel output was our country 2004 2.

7.2 billion T, occupy the 26 % of global steel output about, annual is with steel capacity 3.

1.2 billion T, occupy the 33 % of global steel output, among them 1.

600 million T applies at soldering structure, take up the 51 % of steel capacity are controlled about. And Euramerican solder with former Russia the 60 % left and right sides that the structure occupies his to be measured with steel with steel, japan exceeds 70 % . This shows, we and photograph of industrial developed country have certain difference than returning. The basis concerns investigation, in 1.

600 million T solders the structure uses steel in, structure of metal of mechanical manufacturing industry measures the 45 % that take up steel is measured about with steel, the rapid development of iron and steel industry, solder to our country industry, especially industry of construction of heavy-duty and mechanical metal solders to be able to last of the technology development created very big development vacuum. Enter 21 centuries, industry of our country heavy machinery faces new challenge and opportunity, should improve waste time thoroughly material of can big, bad news environment of low, work differs tall, efficiency and the tradition with automation low rate solders industry, promote solder technology and industry face high grade, efficient, energy-saving, low cost, environment friendly respect and automation direction development, effort general competes relative to science and technology of translate into of manpower resource advantage advantage, stimulative company progress and industry upgrade. The industry solders technical current situation 1.

Domestic and international general situation solders the technology is heavy machinery metallic construction equipment makes one of critical process technologies with installation construction, in industrial developed country get applied extensively in heavy-duty and mechanical manufacturing industry. Develop up to now, the heavy machinery of our country solders technology and United States (wait like P&H company) , Germany (be like on the west mark company) , France (wait like company of Ao Gang couplet) , Japan (if 3 water chestnut weigh labour, small loose company limited,wait) wait for the existence between the developed country. Current, these countries and area are used solder the scale of structural member increases with each passing day, among them the aeriform protection solder of automation, mechanization and the efficient welder such as many solder that bury arc art the method uses up solder the 50~70 % that metallic stuff occupies gross of all solder material about, its solder production uses mechanization, automation, efficient welder art method, bring solder deliver a child to produce efficiency tall, solder the effect with good quality, international competition ability is strong. In industry of construction of metal of our country heavy machinery, aeriform protection solder, double silk buries arc the efficient welder such as welder of door of automatic solder, dragon, electroslag welding art the method makes the application in the enterprise in large metal structure with each passing day grow in quantity, efficient solder the 50~80 % left and right sides that the metallic structural member that the method finishs already held its gross weight, in small and medium sized business, welding wire of solid core of CO2 gas protection, bury arc the method such as automatic solder also receives certain application. But overall for, our country is heavy-duty and mechanical the advantage with low pay of the labor in making is being produced efficiency the huge gap place with low, high quality-related cost is quits, what this should cause us is enough take seriously. 2.

Owner of travel of structure of heavy-duty and mechanical metal wants product case for the country large mainstay business and project of national major project offer heavy machinery to equip. Business of industry production mainstay if limited company of heavy-duty and rigid group, Dalian weighs limited company of limited company of the first heavy-duty and rigid group, the 2nd heavy-duty and rigid group, Taiyuan limited company of labour crane group, medium the letter is heavy-duty and mechanical machinery of Zhen Hua haven of plant of engine of coal of plant of engine of coal of limited company, Zhengzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, basically make equipment of reactor of furnace of aerification of grab of hydraulic pressure of grab of large bridge-type and door type crane, 4~35m3 mechanical, 1~6m3, large pressurization, hydrogenation, large stage, spaceflight launch mast, Jiao Lu equipment of pipe of solder of mechanical equipment, helix and large decelerate machine, promotion. 3.

Industry of construction of heavy-duty and mechanical metal is used since steel is long-term, industry of construction of metal of our country heavy machinery uses domestic and international mature steel to plant mostly, be like Q235 series carbon steel, low-alloy steel of series of Q345, Q390, pressure vessel of 20g, 16MnR uses steel to wait. In recent years, as the adjustment of the development of national major project and product structure, solder to rise substantially with the phyletic breed of steel. Commonly used armor plate includes: Q235, Q345, Q390, 20, 35, 45, 15Mo3, 15CrMo, 13MnNiMoNbR, Wel-ten80C, A633D, 16MnR, 20g, 15MnVR; Commonly used stainless steel board have: 0Cr18Ni9, 1Cr18Ni9Ti, 1Cr13, 2Cr13, 3Cr13; Commonly used aluminium board have duralumin and aluminium alloy board etc; Commonly used forging has 25, 35, 45, 40Cr, 42CrMo, 40CrNiMo, 40CrNi2Mo, 20MnMo, 42CrMnMo, 34CrNi3Mo. Board thick it is commonly between 1~300mm. As the ceaseless grow in quantity of rolled steel sort and breed, year of crop of weldment rise substantially. According to not complete count, weldment of factory of 2 machine tools produced per year Qiqihaerdi 2005 the quantity is 10 thousand tons about; Limited company of the 2nd heavy-duty and rigid group is 30 thousand tons about; Limited company of heavy-duty and rigid group is Taiyuan about 50 thousand tons; Heavy-duty and mechanical limited company is believed to break through 50 thousand tons in; Weldment of company of machinery of Shanghai Zhen Hua haven produces per year a quantity to be as high as 200 thousand tons or so. Solder structural member with its distinct advantage, already replaced riveting structure, replaced cast a structure, make the dominant structure of equipment of construction of metal of heavy-duty and mechanical industry. 4.

Solder industry of construction of heavy-duty and mechanical metal begins technique start to use technique of manual arc welding commonly. 50 time begin 20 centuries use bury arc automatic solder and electroslag welding technique, basically use at a few thick board cylindrical shell of butt joint, labour Liang Ji solders. In recent years, a few large companies pass technical reformation, apply double silk to bury arc solder, double silk in succession narrow clearance buries arc welder of type of door of automatic solder, dragon, roller buries the advanced welder such as arc v art method, in order to satisfy requirement of product production technology. As our country large mainstay business solders technical reformation, gas protects solderer art method to receive wide application in industry of construction of heavy-duty and mechanical metal. Can say gas protects solderer art method to accompanying industry of construction of heavy-duty and mechanical metal to solder to develop and expand of the technology. Be in our country 80 time later period, to satisfy large scale computer of national major project weapon technology equipment creates a demand, introduce abroad to solder advancedly technology and equipment, heavy to large backbone mechanical industry undertakes technical reformation, production company of construction of large and heavy mechanical metal passes our country to wait for transnational corporation collaboration of the country to create large metal structure with the United States, Germany, Japan, batch buys foreign gas to protect the equipment such as material of solder equipment, solder, undertake the solderer grooms. Technology of maturity of solder of protection of gas of abroad of our country have the aid of and manufacturing technology, formed industry of construction of our country large metal to protect the productivity that solder gives priority to with gas, from go up at all the production technology standard that changed industry of construction of heavy-duty and mechanical metal, drove our country gas to protect the development of solder technology. At the beginning of 90 time up to now nearly ten years of time, with the first " countrywide CO2 solders the technology popularizes applied communication to meet " for chance, our country held two whole nations continuously 2004 at was being mixed 2001 respectively again CO2 solders communication of technical promotion application is met, technology of aeriform protection solder popularizes applied job to last in industry of construction of heavy-duty and mechanical metal, break out of stable, bitter fleabane is exhibited, gas protects solder technology to develop applied ability to increase, applied job popularizes medium and small businesses from industry of tool of large scale computer, and the production that the gas of large and heavy mechanical industry protects solder application to also make a product from collaboration, in the production that extends common product. Material of equipment of aeriform protection solder, solder, complementary basic implementation home furnishs, formed our country gas to protect solder industry gradually. CNC Milling CNC Machining