The computer assists a project to analyse technology and its application

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One, since overview   is long-term, the analysis of mechanical equipment and computation all the time material of continue to use is academic and mechanical, mechanical the formula that provides with stretch and mechanical place will undertake. Because have a lot of simplifying condition, computational precision is very consequently low. Move to assure the on the safe side of equipment, often use the method that increases safety factor, the result makes structural dimension is increased, waste material, still meet those who cause structural function reduce sometimes. Contemporary product forward efficient, high speed, high accuracy, low cost, economic natural resources, high-powered wait for respect development, traditional computation analyses a method to cannot satisfy a requirement far. Come 20 years, accompanying the development of computer technology, appeared the computer assists a project to analyse this anew to start course (Computer Aided Engineering) . Use CAE technology, although be in,also need not make a lot of simplify, and calculate speed fast, precision is tall. Common engineering analysis includes: The computation that waits to quality, bulk, inertial moment of force, intensity is analysed; To the athletic precision of the product, move, the function that wait analyses static feature; The stress to the product, be out of shape the structure that wait is analysed. The introduction is used below finite yuan the law has structural stress, be out of shape the method of analyse of divide into equal parts. The computer assists a project (CAE) , tell it to include project and informatization from literal, all respects of informatization of manufacturing industry of Target=_blank> of manufacturing industry informatization, but traditional CAE basically shows maneuver considers opportunity right the function of project and product, function and sex of on the safe side have consideration, optimize a design, undertake imitate emulate with moving behavior to working status of future, as soon as possible discovers the design is short of fall from the sky, improve and optimize design program, confirm prospective project / the usability of the product and dependability. The important step that the engineer has innovating designing and tool project and the vitality of production enterprise depend on a project / the innovation of the product, and to the engineer, realize the key of innovation, besides design thought and concept, the mainest technology measure, use advanced and reliable CAE software namely.

The scientist undertakes the important step science of research is calculated innovating is one of 3 big steps that contemporary scientist has science and technology study. It can help the scientific mystery that the scientist announces to still cannot be behaved with corporeal experiment method and scientific rule. In the meantime, it also is the research achievement of project scientist- - academic, method and scientific data- - attributive one of, make it software and database, become the newest productivity that drives project and social progress. CAE software is rapid developing computation mechanical, numerical analysis, relevant engineering science, project management learns to be mixed with contemporary computer science technical photograph is united in wedlock, and a kind of when form omnibus, knowledge is concentrated model information product. The project that CAE software classification is aimed at specific type / product place develops use at product function analysis, forecast and optimize calculative software, call special CAE software. Can be opposite the project of a variety of types / the project behavior of the product undertakes computational analytic, imitate is emulated, function is forecasted, evaluation and optimized software, call general CAE software. General CAE software is main by finite yuan of software, optimize software of software of computation of field of design software, computational fluid software, electromagnetism, best control and other professional computational software composition. CAE technology is already mature, the usability of CAE software, dependability and computational efficiency problem are solved already basically. CAE and software of PDM / ERP of / of CAPP of / of CAD / CAM together, had become entrepreneur and engineers to implement a project / the man Friday that the product innovates and effective tool. In the meantime, already also became expert, professor to undertake study important step. ERP of CAE and / of PDM of / of CAPP of / of CAD / CAM together, had made the vital technology that supports engineering industry and production enterprise informatization, they been raisinging a project / the design quality of the product, reduce research to develop cost, shorten development cycle respect produced main effect, become implementation project / the technology propping up that the product innovates. Its develop a trend to have: Augment CAE function, realize analysis of much structure coupling, realize analysis of coupling of much physics field, much measure coupling is analysed, and the unifinication design computation of structure, component and its material and imitate are emulated. Be based on Internet/Intranet =>Of Grid Computing, of PDM / ERP of / of CAM /CAPP of / of CAD / CAE compositive change, network, intelligence is changed. 2, finite brief introduction (Finite Element Method)   is finite yuan analytic technology is one of the mainest engineering analysis techniques. It applies extensively at playing plasticity mechanical, rupture mechanical, hydromechanical, heat is conducted wait for a domain. Finite yuan the method is the new numeric calculation method that development rises since 60 time, it is the child of computer age. Although finite yuan the concept is in early 40 time put forward with respect to somebody, but because the computer has not appear at that time, it did not get the attention of people. As the development of computer technology, finite yuan of method is continuous in each engineering fields receive development application, already pervaded now the space navigation industry, nucleus industry, industry such as Electromechanical, chemical industry, building, ocean, it is mechanical product is moved, the important step of static, hot characteristic analysis. Be in early 70 time initial stage gives out with respect to somebody conclusion: Finite yuan of law application in product structure design, make design of mechanical and electrical products produces revolutionary change, academic design replaced experience analogy design. Current, finite yuan the way still is developing ceaselessly, theoretic ceaseless and perfect, all sorts of finite yuan of function that analyses program package is more and more powerful, use more and more convenient. Finite the basic idea of yuan of method is the structure disperse is changed, with finite the unit of an easy analysis will represent complex target, pass between unit finite a node mutual join, solve according to be out of shape harmonious condition is begged integratedly next. Because unit amount is finite, the amount of node also is finite, call so finite yuan of law. Flexibility of this kind of method is very big, want to change unit number only, can make the accuracy of solution is changed, receive the solution that is close to indefinitely with true condition. Finite all sorts of knowledge that the basic theory of yuan of method wants to use maths, mechanical field. To an application engineer, his purpose is application finite yuan the method goes seeking solution all sorts of engineering issues, all sorts of functions on the market are at present powerful finite yuan of program package is very much, these program packages are used convenient, also do not need to be opposite finite yuan the law has very thorough knowledge, can apply these programs to beg solution project question. Accordingly, to general project technology staff, need to spend very few time to understand only a few finite yuan basic knowledge can, do not need to make more thorough research to its academic background. Using finite yuan when the law undertakes analytic computation to the structure, differ according to what analyse an object, adoption unit type is different also, have the following kinds of unit commonly: ① lever, bridge is unit, this is the simplest one dimension unit, nod arbitrarily inside unit be out of shape and stress is decided by the coordinate of edge axes. ② board is unit, nod arbitrarily inside this kind of unit be out of shape by XY with stress two coordinate are decided, this is the main unit with the widest application, have triangular unit and rectangle board unit. ③ polyhedron is unit, it can be divided for tetrahedral unit and hexahedral unit. ④ frivolous case is unit, this is the housing unit that forms by curved surface. 3, finite influence of yuan of medium   of around buy processing is finite yuan of main factor that the law uses in practice it is finite yuan before, postposition processing function is powerful. Finite yuan before buy processing includes: Choose uses unit type, differentiate unitly, decide each node and unit number and coordinate, property of affirmatory load type, attrib border condition, material. These jobs not only trival, take time, easy also generation is wrong. So, good finite yuan of analysis program should enough automatically or these works are completed below the person's control. Among them the most important is reseau differentiates, differentiating after reseau, should show the result come, check its validity in order to offer handlers. If handlers thinks to be necessary to revise, the system should provide modification function quite, the effectiveness that can differentiate to revising the reseau after undertakes checking, point out the mistake is in. Sometimes, finite the engineer of yuan of analysis does not know how to define unit kind, the buy before this asks handles a program to be able to select unit kind automatically according to the state of the spare parts. Undertaking finite yuan when reseau differentiates, the density that reseau differentiates is a serious problem, can increase computational time too closely greatly, but computational precision won't increase into scale ground however. Accordingly, put in problem of density of an optimal reseau, this problem often needs old job experience accumulate. If before buy processing program can decide reseau density automatically, very big to saving the meaning when machine. Additional, when reseau differentiates, it is very necessary that corresponding force uses local reseau to impose close measure centrally. Be in finite yuan after the analysis ends, because node amount is very much, the data bulk of output is gotten greatly breathtaking. If rely on to analyse these data artificially, not only workload is tremendous, make mistake easily, and also very not intuitionistic. So, one outstanding finite yuan analytic program has processor of a postposition to handle analytic result automatically, show the result with all sorts of means according to the requirement of handlers come. For example, it can show what play a part in load action to be out of shape, the spare parts is departmental of the stress of cent, meet an emergency or temperature field distributing wait for a circumstance. Accordingly, choosing finite yuan when analysing software, want to see it provide some to analyse a function not only, the unit type that can treat, the material feature that can handle, the function that more important is the around buy processing that sees it is powerful, had gone to the lavatory to use. CNC Milling CNC Machining