The brief introduction of method of numerical control technical reformation of machining center of 5 axes linkage

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BMC, 5 coordinate of 10B(5) machining center is 80 time medium-term products of foreign, it is the machine tool that 90 age of my company introduce from limited company of Australian COMMONWEALTH aviation. Because long-term full load moves, former number of feed inlet accuses ageing of systematic parts of an apparatus to damage, the machine tool breaks down cannot run, affected treatment of subcontract of my company abroad and national defence some production of new machine. We and research center of project of country of high-grade numerical control cooperate, to BMC, 10B(5) carried out the numerical control technical reformation that be as follows. System of high-grade numerical control replaces applied blue sky the control system of the entrance, realize 7 axes servo to control (X, Y, Z, A1, A2, B, S) , 5 axes linkage is controlled (X, Y, Z, A, B) . Use numerical control system technology of compositive process designing (SIPROM) development changes a knife automatically (ATC) , automatic pallet changer (the logistic software that the machine tool such as APC) assists a movement, realize the random exchange of 60 knives, and 3 be versed in the random of the tray of × 1000mm calls a workbench face 1000mm. In the light of BMC, the craft characteristic of 10B(5) undertakes the technology is updated, implementation system turns over runner shaft to workbench (A axis) synchro control: Use structure of symmetrical positive drive, double servo (namely A1 axis and A2 axis) control accurately by numerical control synchronism. Because of X, Y, Z3 straight couplet of electric machinery of linear axis servo and guide screw, the distance is long (1250mm) of journey of X journey 1500mm, Y journey 1500mm, Z, effective treatment need moves quickly rate is high, cutting negative charge is big. Choose electric machinery of the BDS3 amplifier of American KOLLMORGEN and GOLDLINE communication servo, replace former Anchuanzhi to shed servo. In the meantime, because main shaft power is great (22kW) , 3 class change archives (4 ~ 4000r/min) , preserved system of main shaft timing. Realize temperature compensation: Difference in temperature of the implementation between main shaft and pillar is compensated, the need that ensured high accuracy is machined. Implementation X, Y, Z3 the total travel of linear axis is corrective, detect with laser interferometer, precision of fixed position of axis of X, Y, Z and repeat fixed position precision to be in micron class, machine tool precision has rise. New transformed BMC, 5 coordinate of 10B(5) machining center is secondhand equipment, a 400 thousand dollar, 15% what transform cost to be purchase price about. And the crucial part that machines aircraft engine, every are worth hundred thousands of yuan of RMB, so, transform investment and transformed machine tool value ratio very small, with the production of the machine tool production value is compared smaller. BMC, after transforming a success, 10B(5) uses near 2 years of 5 coordinate machining center, for my company dish vivid company assets, obtained good economic benefits. On one hand, dug the latent capacity of primary machine tool, solved problem of a few technologies, enhanced the technical class of equipment and competition ability; On the other hand, make us right the knowledge that technology of contemporary numerical control had profundity, make transform gain very good economic benefits and social benefit. CNC Milling CNC Machining