AMESim reachs the application that its get on in A380

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In aviation domain, the settlement with OK and very good AMESim control, landing gear, engine, light tone, annulus to accuse and the problem such as lifesaving system. Depend on the advantage of oneself, AMESim has become tycoon of a lot of aviation to undertake the software of tool of class of first selection platform of research and development inside limits all over the world, in already using process of daily research and development, improve efficiency, reduce cost. AMESim (Advanced Modeling Environment For Performing Simulations Of Engineering Systems) it is French IMAGINE company at rolling out much discipline domain 1995 complex system is built model and emulation platform, it provided the whole platform that project of a system designs. In development course of more than 10 years, innovate ceaselessly by right of the technology, AMESim is leading the world to cooperate with all the time the development direction of system simulation technology.   of   of   of AMESim brief introduction is in newest Rev 7 version, AMESim software includes 5 big platform----AMESim, AMESet, AMECustom, AMERun and AMEDesk. (1) AMEim is build a model, emulate with analytic platform, the AMESim platform that is based on theory of power bond graph is an user to build model of complex system of much discipline domain below same software environment the emulation computation of hand-in-hand travel development and analysis offerred a possibility. (2) AMESet is dedicated the implementation that develops a function at 2, the own development platform that provided a standardization, standardization and graph to change for the user. The requirement of user individuation was satisfied on the oldest rate. (3) implementation of AMECustom help user is custom-built, enclose and add close, adopt the platform of AMESCustom, the user can build appropriative to have custom-built user interface and the model database that parameter installs, realized the protection to intellectual property. (4) a moving version that AMERun is AMESim, offer all standard AMESim to parameter is installed and finish emulation analysis ability, the biggest profit that AMERun brings is help blame builds model and emulation calculative professional to share those who pass test and verify, of strict test and custom-built AMESim model. (5) newest in Rev 7 version addition AMEDesk platform manages a tool for the database of AMESim, the affiliation of AMEDesk platform, realized an user data is shared between engineer of different platform, different branch, different unit. Complex system constructs field of AMESim much discipline model and signal was included to control more than 20 major such as library, mechanical library, hot library to use a warehouse in emulation platform, and included again in library of each major application a certain number of child model. In newest version, child model amount is achieved 2500 many, the 2 development function with powerful together with, assured the demand of contented on the oldest rate user. And, icon symbol is used to represent all sorts of system element in AMESim application library, these icon symbols or international standard organization is hydraulic pressure like the ISO of engineering field yuan the standard symbol with certain part, or the block diagram symbol that decides to control a system, when nonexistent when such standard symbol, AMESim gives out for this system recipient nonstandard graphical feature. Fashion of symbol of this kind of icon represents a system yuan the method of the component is in what the engineer went to the lavatory on the oldest rate to use. Hydraulic pressure yuan the   of   of characteristic     of AMESim of   of library of component standard symbol (1)AMESim fixed position is used at project technology personnel, the language nature that builds a model also uses project technology language, the true environment of the copy that build a model of much discipline domain, of the domain such as the machinery that realized much discipline on unified platform, hydraulic pressure, pneumatic, hot, report and magnetism build model and emulate, and the analysis that can undertake physical join realized character of much discipline coupling directly between the module of different domain. These characteristics help an user build the solution in the model to be put from trival maths, and dedicated at itself of physical model system. AMESim is much discipline domain complex system offers a perfect, superior emulation environment and the quickest solution. User can have the aid of its are friendly, the plan that faces actual application, study the kinetic character of any component or loop. (The intelligence of 2)AMESim seeks solution implement can the maths according to the model is characteristic, integral of automatic choice first-rate is algorithmic, differ according to be in the systematic characteristic of emulation hour, dynamic switch integral algorithm adjusts integral pace to grow, with shortening emulation time is mixed raise emulation precision. The maths with automatic type is embedded inside discontinuous sex the discontinuous dot problem of level of the killer in handling a tool to solve maths to emulate. The allocation of system of network of canal of large hydraulic pressure broke up computation and batch processing and the distributed computation that design exploration to reduce sophisticated systems analysis and optimized time greatly. (3)AMESim is a multistage more the true platform of the copy that build a model of complex degree, what offerred plan design, function design to be designed to geometry on unified platform is mutiple level the mode that build a model, withheld mathematical equation class, block diagram class, woof class, component class the means building a model of 4 administrative levels. Different user can be mixed according to his characteristic special skill, choose the proper way that build a model, or a variety of means are applied integratedly. Ensured in what differ design phase can use the different kind that build a model to build the flexibility of model of different and complex rate in the light of different question already, ensured the design model of different level is OK again be able to mix continuously successive. The means building a model of woof class is the concept that is based on AMESim woof, make the smallest element of project system from what the extraction in physical system goes out namely, use an element with OK and spent little likelihood, will build the complex model that mirrors project system and component function in detail as far as possible. The   of applied     on A380 is in aviation domain, the settlement with OK and very good AMESim aerial control, landing gear, engine, light tone, annulus to accuse and the problem such as lifesaving system. Depend on the advantage of oneself, inside alive bound limits, AMESim has become tycoon of a lot of aviation to undertake the software of tool of class of first selection platform of research and development. For example our familiar empty customer firm (Airbus) , Boeing company (Boeing) , European helicopter company (Eurocopter) , European aviation matters pertaining to defense and dimensional company (EADS) in waiting to had used AMESim process of daily research and development, and improved efficiency of research and development cogently, reduced cost of research and development. Latter, empty customer firm drew the look of the whole world again by right of subordinate A380 series. A380 is the uses cabin of double deck of complete airframe length, 4 channels exclusively civil aviaton plane on eye preexistence bound. Its occurrence will end Boeing 747 in large transport market monopoly position of 30 years, adapting mankind aviation history. In the meantime, a380 also established the position of domain of aviation of alive group of empty customer company again. And the backside in A380 scene, we imagine its design the difficulty of research and development not hard: In software side, it uses advanced flight control system, and differ according to the client the requirement of layout, recreational system, lighting system, emergency treatment system is installed to wait for device in different position, the structure is complex. In the meantime, a380 body is enormous, assemble its only giant the screw that wing place needs, rivet and other and fixed component have 750 thousand. Compare so at other type plane, a380 series must use more composite material, make airframe defter. The subsidiary Messier-Bugatti of SAFRAN regards aviation ground as the person that the world of domain of relevant system design precedes, ensure in the whole world empty guest exceeds A380 of wide system plane each technology is having positive effect all the time in successful process. In the project of A380, the challenge of the biggest a technology that Messier-Bugatti faces is: Exceed ground of wide system plane to turn to a system to design a brand-new unique hydraulic pressure to help power system for empty guest A380, when the new-style hydraulic pressure that once design,gives aids force to change a system to overheat, will bring about why to plant risk. Additional on one hand, what develop in the project is inchoate, messier-Bugatti need is compositive optimize local and electro-hydraulic system of the sources of energy, make be achieved between its dimension and systematic performance optimal and eclectic. To answer all sorts of challenges in process of research and development, achieve established goal, messier-Bugatti chose AMESim in the inchoate phase of the design. Component of hot hydraulic pressure of library of hot hydraulic pressure of hot library of library of the library of HYD hydraulic pressure in using AMESim platform integratedly for example, design of component of HCD hydraulic pressure, TH, THH, THCD designs a library to wait will solve controlling hydraulic pressure fluid final system cannot be achieved below the premise of overheat. The success of AMESim applies, make them OK abide by strict weight to restrain a condition through optimizing the dimension of all crucial systems to be in thereby next ensuring that the system can provide necessary power. The new systematic model that builds through AMESim makes the action that Messier-Bugatti can analyse hydraulic pressure system not only (from function, stability isogon is spent) , and can the calorific character of system of observation hydraulic pressure and evaluate the necessity that uses heat exchanger. Emulated result can be used at building product standards directly, coach this hydraulic pressure helps system of power energy resources thereby (gasoline tank, pump, accumulator) the design development of each crucial function. Be benefited in the rich experience that Messier-Bugatti builds the model place that can forecast systematic performance to accumulate through using AMESim software for a long time blame is shallow, hover finally for A380 made contribution at horizon. CNC Milling CNC Machining