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Key word: Transducer boring machine describes: Everybody knows, china is manufacturing industry big country, we are made this there is a lot of to import a machine tool inside big country, great a long time from 80 time end or the entrance at the beginning of 90 time comes over, the treatment precision of these machine tools is very tall. Especially coordinate boring machine received a large number of application in home. Content: Coordinate boring machine is the machining equipment of a kind of large nicety. The speed of main shaft needs change, before doing not have transducer, the timing of dc machine is very ideal, so the main shaft of most boring machine is to use dc machine, the means of resistor timing will come true, it is a kind of very good timing way. As the technology change and develop, transducer was born, and appeared vector transducer, namely rotate speed and force failure of sorting open control, so that achieve,rotate speed is mixed constant the good control of torsion. The control means that is dc machine actually develops come out! Became line of business of timing of current electric machinery to electric machinery timing with transducer optimal means. Have the advantage that dc machine and other timing electric machinery cannot compare, the development inside alive bound limits is swift and violent. The advantage is as follows: The electric machinery of timing is worldwide inside most the communication asynchronous electromotor with petty gain and the widest application, asynchronous electric machinery has maintenance-free, low-cost, make simple, maintenance is simple wait for a lot of advantage. Because coordinate boring machine of the client is used old, electric part ageing, often appear breakdown. The reason of occurrence breakdown is dc machine needs those who cause to safeguard. Specific transform plan to be as follows: 7.

The dc electric machinery of 5KW3000RPM changes for electric machinery of three-phase asynchronous frequency conversion, complex relay is controlled before take out. More instead PLC control, particular function is as follows: The dot is moved, the dot is moved turning, the dot is moved invert, turning, invert, without extremely timing, a variety of means such as apply the brake. We configured: The frequency control of the ZY-G800-11K-3C that source power company produces in implement (380V input, 11KW) , to the requirement of transducer: Output frequency: 0 - 400HZ, 150 % of  overload ability of 1 minute, control means is vector control, quicken time to be: 3 seconds, slowdown time is: 0.

5 seconds. The dot uses preferential function. The rotate speed that can show machine tool main shaft the speed that is not electric machinery. Have low speed big torsion to output a function. Namely 3 all output for constant torsion to 60HZ, 60 - 100HZ is outputted for constant power. FX1S-14MR of 3 water chestnut can make up Cheng controller, with a few switch, pushbutton, the equipment such as indicator light is homebred frequency conversion electric machinery: 132M-4 extremely, 7.

The operation after 5KW1500RPM is transformed is simpler, timing needs a small potentiometer knob to be able to come true only. 0 to 3000 turn stepless speed regulation. Can be in 0.

Inside 5 seconds from 3000 turn decelerate of fast apply the brake comes 0. Add resistor of an apply the brake to be able to come true. 64 ohm, 1500W.

the operation face plate down-lead reachs work station, jockey person sees the moving state of the machine tool very easily, the rotate speed of electric machinery. The client after transforming is very satisfactory, moving stability, subsequently 14 electric machinery the client are all instead frequency control, be worth a client glad is electric part need not be safeguarded again. CNC Milling CNC Machining