Whorl v processes unit inside

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Whorl v treatment is a kind of mature technology outside, large shaft can be reached in small bolt go up to machine a complex helix outline fast and accurately, guide screw of for example ball, steering wheel and worm wheel. And include nut of ball guide screw in great quantities inside need of spare parts criterion is likewise complex inside whorl. Be machined with much knife means through high speed grinding and whorl is become inside commonly. Leistritz company (city of Allendale of American new jersey) Ralph Wehmann of national selling manager says, the length as whorl and / or whorl helix angle increases, in grinding the difficult rate that craft stability and whorl precision keep in the process of these in-house outline also increases. Leistritz innovation card 200 inside opportunity of whorl v treatment is the congener machine tool that the United States comes out first, can be inside whorl grinding is offerred replace kind. The vertical outfit that v of this kind of appropriative machines machines and tools to have convert places a structure, contain from below those who begin to cut a part is special swing cutting tool system. The vertical outfit that passes convert places a structure, be in to the diameter the workpiece of 200 Mm less than, this machine tool is OK oneself take on system of the makings on the spare parts. Machine tool of this kinds of many task besides can undertake inside beyond whorl v treatment, still can offer a spare parts to measure, the horizontal milling treatment of hard turning and 12 000 R/min, can finish thereby (for example) the whole set treatment of nut of hard ball of temper by dipping in water. It is OK that whorl v machines craft inside in all sorts of temper by dipping in water one knife machines hard part interior a complex whorl. Inside in whorl v treatment, workpiece and cutting tool of only place v all rotate with direction of identical C axis, but rotate speed is different. The rotate speed limits of workpiece is 20 ~ 50 R/min, and the rotate speed of cutting tool is top amount to 2285 R/min. The whirl that gets monitoring in this kind of position in the process, workpiece lasts feed of edge Z axis, and rotate to cutting tool turns every time along with cutting tool and be moved in lap of W axis before last. Of direction of this W axis swing the razor blade that can assure cutting tool maintains become normal way with whorl helix angle, in order to maintain outline precision. Place momentum to inspect whorl to lead differs and differ. Inside in process of whorl v treatment, cutting tool and workpiece all rotate with same C axis way. The process is here medium, workpiece lasts feed of edge Z axis, and cutting tool swings quickly in W axis direction. Treatment cutting tool is extending whorl v to still prop up inward turning of the axis that use core to turn into a of spare parts internal diameter inside. By a bearing that stands by core axis to carry a department cutting tool of the v that prop up is close to cutting force. Be opposite so long way undertakes than larger part inside when whorl v is machined, can help maintain cutting tool stability. To flexible work material, use hard alloy point of a knife; Come forcedly to temper by dipping in water the steel of 65 Rc, use cubic nitrogen to change boron (CBN) the cutting tool with qualitative material. In these two kinds of circumstances, add man-hour to all do not use cooling fluid, and go out to treatment final inside whorl, only one knife is enough. CNC Milling CNC Machining