Use ' the method that Cal command raises accurate plot rate

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In software of AutoCAD computer plot, ' the abbreviate that Cal command is Calculator. Everybody knows possibly to use Calculator command to realize calculator function, compare with other calculator, its calculator function not very strong, use rise no-go also, everybody is very not so familiar to it, use not much. Dan Reli is used ' Cal command will undertake accurate cartography, go to the lavatory already quick, it is the good method that raises n/arc drafting rate. Its powerful function is revealed below first from a few example. See the first case above all: Have one foregone and linear AB, should be in with horizontal way (anticlockwise) into 60 ° , and be apart from the C site that A dot 50mm manages begin, the CD of midpoint D picture with AB is linear, see a picture 1. Graph 1 graph 2 if press groovy constructive method scale, should nod from A first with horizontal the auxiliary line AC that becomes 60 ° , and make AC=50mm, find out the midpoint D of linear AB again, connection CD, delete auxiliary line again, such ability fulfilled thematic requirement. Specific course of action is as follows: (Note: Uppercase command for the system or hint, lowercase is the command that him handlers inputs, symbol " : " operate for carriage return, explain for the operation inside bracket, similarly hereinafter. ) COMMAND: Line: FROM POINT: (With Shift+ right key plays a cursor menu, choose Endpoint: A TO POINT of end points of wrong key collect: @50<60: (Use opposite coordinate to find out C to nod) TO POINT: (With Shift+ right key plays a cursor menu, choose Midpoint) : The intermediate dot of AB of wrong key collect: COMMAND: E: Selec OBJECTS: The dot takes AC: (Delete above of auxiliary line AC) to just complete a plan through 6 measure 1 shows the scale with linear CD. If use ' Cal command should go to the lavatory much. Look please below with ' the constructive method that Cal commands scale CD is linear: COMMAND: Line: From POINT: ' Cal: " Expression: End + [50<60] : TO POINT: (With Shift+ right key plays a cursor menu, select the intermediate site of AB of collect of Midpoint) Zun Jian: Be like a graph again 2 are shown, line of the casing outside hypothesis and central line already were drawn, want ABCD of the casing inside the picture. This is the problem that often encounters in mechanical cartography. Press groovy brushwork, a of need cipher out nods coordinate value, ability finds constructive starting point. Want to accomplish this a little bit, must know a center above all line and outside the coordinate value of casing node M, will calculate again A nods coordinate. This kind of method requires calculation value of a few coordinate feels troublesome quite, and appear likely also computation is wrong. If use ' Cal commands criterion but leave out these measure, and plot is very accurate. With ' the particular way with Cal constructive command is as follows: COMMAND: Line: FROM POINT: ' Cal: " Expression: Int + [30<180] : TO POINT: (With Shift+ right key plays a cursor menu, choose nodical Intersect: Collect center line and outside the nodical M TO POINT of casing: @15<270: (Opposite coordinate draws AB line) TO POINT: @60<0: (Opposite coordinate draws BC line) TO POINT: @15<90: (Opposite coordinate draws CD line) TO POINT: : Had known from 2 example above ' Cal jussive action, to its use method perhaps has an abecedarian knowledge. Explain below further ' Cal jussive usage. Use ' Cal jussive key is correct input expression (Expression) , above 2 have different expression parameter in the exemple, but they have identical configuration: Datum mark + [distance < angle] datum mark: Those who be used at drawing line start certainly is fiducial, it is the special feature on the graph commonly, if end points, nodical, round center, center, point of tangency is waited a moment. They can be used catch a function to be caught accurately. Distance: It is to show datum mark arrives the distance between the start that draw a line. Angle: It is to point to it is referenced origin with datum mark, datum mark and the connect line and horizontal way included angle between the start that draw a line, suitable hour hand is negative, anticlockwise for. CNC Milling CNC Machining