Intelligence changes laser beam welding to accept the control of equipment

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deep to laser fusion welding, benefit detects with optical sensor solder the plasma in the process and the signal feature that reflex laser are a kind of simple and significant real time detects solder the method of the process. Current, benefit consumed fulgurite detects solder the method of the plasma in the process or reflex is main from workpiece flank or with laser coaxial two direction undertake. As to the choice of optical sensor, the sensor that has 3 kinds of different wave band can be used at laser beam welding to receive a process to detect. Be like ultraviolet the sensor of wave band detects with the plasma at CO2 laser beam welding is received, the sensor of visible light wave band uses at CO2 and Nd: YAG laser beam welding receives process plasma or metal of vapour feather blaze detect, infra-red wave band uses at Nd: YAG laser beam welding receives detect. Arrive to be north at present, the optical signal that detects and laser beam welding receive parameter, if the relation of focal position already had very good research achievement to be applied; Use optical sensor to accept the blemish of the generation in the process to laser beam welding additionally, if burn,wear, of hole or blemish of hump shape face detect also have relevant story. One of keys that laser beam welding receives monitoring automation are the real time surveillance of bath, accordingly, dog the choice of sensor became a crucial premise. In all sensor, optical sensor is mixed with its sensitivity measure precision tall, dynamic character is good, wait for a characteristic greatly without contact and included information content at workpiece, become those who develop the most quickly to dog sensor, and device of coupling of CCD(Charge-coupled Device charge) the application of compositive and optical parts of an apparatus makes again optical sensor rises to video to transmit the new altitude of feeling. One of good points that laser beam welding receives are to solder rate is rapid, solder laminosely speed can amount to above of 10m / Min, solder continuously in high speed in the process, if appear weld defects, many waste product will be created inside cutty time. Realizing on-line laser beam welding to receive quality to monitor is the very important segment that assures quality, the signal processing that university of Hua Zhongke ability designs and feedback control system carry the signal that accepts sound, smooth sensor wave of enlarge, filter, double after be restricted to compare, undertake A / D is changed, undertake digital signal handling waiting by personal computer again, output power to laser, solder speed, undertake from the craft parameter such as anxious quantity optimal craft is counted controlling coming true. Solve frit to show an issue, basic premise is right laser beam welding receives a process to undertake detect in real time and be controllinged, collect the diagnostic signal that laser beam welding receives. Come nearly 10 years, domestic and international research organization basically is aimed at solder the information such as the sound that plasma generation delivers solely in the process, smooth, report, heat undertakes extracting, analyse processing, search diagnostic signal. When the laser beam welding that fill silk is received, laser fills width of clearance of filar solder butt joint is main parameter, obtain good and even figuration endlong to assure to seam, the laser that realizes high quality fills filar laser beam welding, developed high accuracy to detect to seaming clearance sensor controls a system with sending silk from high quality. CNC Milling CNC Machining