The exercise principle of CNC machine tool

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The exercise principle of CNC machine tool generally speaking, numerical control machine tool by system of machine tool noumenon, numerical control (the core that CNC system is numerical control machine tool, it is a special computer) , the partial composition such as drive equipment and auxiliary equipment. And the basic function of numerical control system has input function, interpolation function and servo to hold accuse to wait. Its exercise process is: Operator of the union after receiving numerical control order through inputting function has been on face plate pair of knife parameter of set, hold accuse the data such as parameter and compensating parameter to undertake coding, have logistic operation, translate into a series of logistic report signal, give out corresponding instruction pulse to operate the drive facility that charges a machine tool thereby, make machine tool each axis moves, manipulator bed fulfils anticipated treatment function. Product of client of basis of mould program division pursues, mould of 3D of compasses lay off (also call cent the model) hind, to the mould with respect to need graph archives undertakes numerical control process designing. After affirming large and small of treatment cutting tool, cutting walks along knife method, use UG to be able to write a numerical control program. Program of this numerical control is a text file, the code that the machine tool can identify is inside. After machine tool operator receives program sheet and numerical control order, be about to press a requirement to make up in station of work of numerical control machine tool clip workpiece, in cutting tool of the mount on main shaft, be opposite by the requirement knife, in machine tool face plate set is opposite knife parameter, network DNC is passed after the particular case of basis machine tool amends single statement conduct numerical control program to the machine tool. The drill that the cutting tool on the machine tool dictates in these numerical control accuses next undertaking that cutting moves, synchronism of other and cooling system works, a such orders that follow are carried out, the mould came out with respect to treatment CNC Milling CNC Machining