A punch is enclothed to be short of outside owe reach eliminate a method

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The punch of car automobile body kind the spare parts assembles a relation to be able to be divided according to its for inside, outside enclothe reach framework kind structural member. Press the exterior quality demand of automobile body spare parts, the position that differs according to its normally reachs a function, cent is A, B, C and D area surface to wait, ask accordingly according to its, decide stamping workpiece is eligible. The article is enclothed according to automobile body manufacturing characteristic, of discussion quality be short of owe reach eliminate a method. Common punch is short of owe out of tolerance of rip, corrugate, dimension and surface are short of owe etc. In process of strike out form, be opposite with corrugate, rip drawing the impact is the biggest, the 70% ~ that take spare parts be no longer in force about 80% . Bring about two kinds to break firm form to accompany when figuration condition when appearing, normally the problem is solved very hard, need to design and debug personnel to cost a large number of energy to handle. The article will be discussed respectively in the light of the following problem. Ministry of rip rip standoff shrinks the neck is drawing breaks firm main show form, the naked eye when rip is serious can see, but no matter be micro-crack or apparent rip,use what will affect a product normally, bring about a product to discard as useless. Solve measure to be: 1.

Understand the position of rip and reason. 2.

CAE analysis can pass figuration limit graph and make attenuate lead the time that will analyse crackle to arise, position. 3.

In figuration process, through increasing punch R, sunken model R, increase sidewall to unplug modular rake, pull too delay, put beforehand makings, adjust makings position, lubricant condition, reduce pressure-plate-force, raise material drawing function to wait. Inside corrugate and corrugate, sidewall sunken waiting for a phenomenon with ripple is to compress break firm expressional form, not only the exterior quality that affects a part, also can cause to the mould wear away needlessly. Can divide normally to break firm kind of furrow and accumulation form furrow, suffer what spare parts appearance reachs burst element to restrict, solve it is more difficult to rise. Solve measure to be: 1.

Breaking certain lines is by the furrow that presses stress to cause, main because semifinished product is impending time is long, board makings suffers the inhomogenous tensile force, effect that reduces the factor such as force and shearing force when figuration, break on ply direction firm. 2.

As a result of,accumulation furrow is when figuration, semifinished product is controlled an appearance influence generation is larger displacement, form much material division, when a block of stone or wood is dead, local surface accumulation is superfluous, and the furrow that bring about. 3.

Raise pressure-plate-force, adjust pull extend way of muscle, punch, increase ply of figuration working procedure, board makings, changing product and technology molding is the main measure that solves furrow in order to absorb the method such as redundant material. Automobile body of dimension out of tolerance is enclothed it is normally by 3 ~ of figuration of punch of 5 working procedure, involve among them long edge, flange, fixed position and control a variety of elements such as makings, any process are brought about possibly make in solder outfit, white automobile body matchs wait for link to appear be short of owe. Whether is judgement spare parts put in dimension out of tolerance, and detect the method is inseparable. No matter be to examine,clamping apparatus, thickness gauge, 3 coordinate are measured machine, the key is to should be found out bring about the account that controls an out of tolerance, the spare parts that should notice an analysis at the same time should have representative, in mould or detect the stability on equipment, thereby specific aim ground solves a problem. The surface is short of owe normally the exterior quality of stamping workpiece of automobile body interior does not do grade assess, but to outside face have extremely firm demand however, not A of be patient of kind reach B kind be short of owe, reach the assess order and degree of the requirement, accordingly, such as cut, scrape, dark hole (see a picture) , concussion line has strict restriction. Dark hole is short of owe 1.

Dark hole solves measure (1) attenuate in what systems analysis spare parts answers on the design rate, stress, meet an emergency concerns, understanding is in the grade that is out of shape area place produces stress gradient, assure uniformity of product plasticity metabolic as far as possible. (2) the data flow that brings about when product figure is inhomogenous, local when much material, appropriate increases craft complement figure. (3) in debugging a process because air cushion pressure is flabby, bring about plasticity easily also to be out of shape inhomogenous, can be in pull when delaying an end, the delay time that increases 3 ~ 5s is protected press processing. (4) when having loiter light to shape face with oilstone, should across undertakes be drivinged stage by stage, but will model the face is divided into a few parts ordinal have loiter light. Finish junior travel to quench entirely. Check to quenching the punch after face undertakes finally. When additional explicit CNC Machining, because cast is short of,owe (have burn-in area, local hard spot) bring about treatment cutting tool local feed is abhorrent, or because contrail of cutting tool motion is discontinuous, answer to try to amend when debug. If dark hole is more shallow, when the area is larger, applied oilstone burnish transfers, do large area light to arrange processing. In addition, because design, make, debug those who reach punch production is undeserved the occurrence that causes dark pit likely. If dark hole area is small and not deep, can consider local gas welding roast processing, again from in use oilstone polish outwards. 2.

The settlement that pounds a line line of measure figuration concussion is influence surface the another main problem of quality, the trace that board makings contacts place to be produced with protruding, sunken model inside modular antrum can be divided for line of the first concussion and line of the 2nd concussion. The account that line of the first concussion produces is board makings is in sunken model and after pressing makings trap to close, when sufferring punch action figuration, board makings sheds round part of mouth of classics sunken model, by the trace that attrition and material sclerosis form. If sunken model mouth is round horny R value is greater, and bright and clean degree taller, nick will be lighter. Line of the 2nd concussion basically is board makings the nick that produces generation of opposite displacement place with the protruding R of fluctuation model inside modular antrum, should want than line of the first concussion normally light. 3.

The settlement of skid wire measure skid wire (see a picture) it is board makings is when the tall point contact of figuration initial stage and punch, section of product backbone line already produced plasticity to be out of shape, like around two side cannot get effective control in figuration later period, make very easily line of backbone of board makings edge to upside slippage, the backbone outside forming rolls a line, affect exterior quality badly. Skid wire is short of the time that owes analytic generation, reason, place that answers relatively with the mould, the deformation that reachs material is solved through controlling material to flow. The product model with reasonable epilogue not only can reduce figuration process, improve manufacturing efficiency, and because figuration is short of,can avoid to owe the product that bring about to be forced to change, what try place of strong spare parts in order to suit to cause is a lot of match reach quality problem. Below the premise of contented product function, get used to the technical properties such as strike out form, long edge and flange as far as possible, raise manufacturing stability and the goal that reduce cost in order to achieve. CNC Milling CNC Machining