Numerical control lathe can make up Cheng controller to safeguard

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Dispatch of net of machine tool of Chinese numerical control: Can making up Cheng controller also is the important electric control part on numerical control lathe. System of control of strong report of numerical control machine tool is controlled besides auxiliary to the machine tool motion and auxiliary movement outside, still include the control of all sorts of pair of protection switch, journeys and final limit switch. In afore-mentioned processes, PLC can write the electric equipment of system of strong report control is medium major machine tool on machine tool of Cheng controller replaceable numerical control, realize the pair of main shaft, logic that changes the system such as knife, lubricant, cooling, hydraulic pressure, pneumatic to control thereby. PLC can make up Cheng controller and numerical control device to close when be an organic whole, formed inside the PLC that fit pattern, and independent type PLC was formed when be located in beyond numerical control device. Because the structure of PLC forms the place that has likeness with numerical control device, so its are safeguarded with maintain can consult the maintenance of numerical control device and maintain. CNC Milling CNC Machining