Cimatron line cut is automatic process designing system

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Cut of line of brief introduction Cimatron system of automatic process designing is the product that is line cut machine tool when come out by Cimatron development undertake process designing of automatic numerical control only. This system is used at present the most popular Windows operating system regards a foundation as platform, use place to see namely the plot means of earning undertakes process designing; Code of design of the plot that finish, treatment is generated, wait for even machine communication the function, collect blueprint design and code process designing at an organic whole; Support OpenGL graph drive, the trends that provided substance is three-dimensional emulate, you will see whole treatment environment, include silk of shower nozzle, line, preform, work with dynamic substance means is true show, can build knife course automatically on entity; Support 2 - treatment of 4 axes cut, developed cutting condition database and special technology in the light of the each model machine tool such as Agie, Charmilles, use guide demon to realize intelligent process designing; To the spare parts of complex taper, cimatron can pass indication synchronism curve, help user watchs final figure, the aviation with this one extensive to application of intricate geometry body function and electronic industry are attached most importance to especially should. At the same time this system drew lessons from a lot of advantages of the commonly used line cut software on market, can say director of collect a hunderd schools, also increased a lot of convenient functions at the same time, ask the detailed introduction below reference. The system moves processor of environmental system requirement: The least demand - 500Mhz of Pentium II processor recommends configuration - memory of Pentium IV processor: The least demand - 128Mb RAM recommends configuration - 256Mb RAM shows clip: Support OpenGL, recommend GForce II and above to show calorie of system: Characteristic of function of Microsoft Windows NT / 2000 / XP Professional 1, treatment environment uses Windows operation and government, yi Xueyi is used, without any orders that want memory, use place sees namely the plot means of earning undertakes process designing, huge went to the lavatory user, make process designing makes a kind of fun truly, one kind is enjoyed; Use treatment guide, simplify treatment train of thought, offer optimize ground work flow and context relevant quick menu; The interface that designs according to human body engineering decreases click menu time, make operation environment more concise; 2, object and interface line cut can input the graph archives of 2D and 3D, can carry on hypostatic file of curved surface of 2D curve, 3D, 3D, the line draw a frame round of 2D, 3D can choose when choosing geometry, also can choose curved surface, no longer plane of 2D of bureau be confined to works; The data of compatible other software, offer more quick processing way to the user, readable take the format file such as IGES, DXF, PLT, make the figure that CAD software makes can direct read in; Can change with common CAD/CAM software at the same time, and want one key switch only with Cimatron design. 3, the view kind that imitate of 3D hypostatic trends provides diversity, apply colours to a drawing mode, among them view type achieves 19 kinds, offer line draw a frame round, substance and light and colour apply colours to a drawing mode, get result of better cutting condition vision; Machine imitate, can define semifinished product and spare parts, show spray head, cut into shreds reach cutting way, emersion is whole machine a process, can have avoided to cut a phenomenon according to what is actually happening. 4, guide of Agie, Charmilles machines parameter input and aftertreatment depart, the database that chooses a machine tool with place works jointly, this kind of union names for guide. Cimatron software is aimed at system of Agie, Charmilles development of all sorts of model treatment opportunity machine conditional database, model achieves 44 kinds, can have n condition or the choice that machine quality directly, and need not rely on data of parameter of aftertreatment call machine. Demand of diameter of the kind that guide allows an user to choose parameter of a few jobs to be like workpiece height, material, silk, silk, place is final cut quality or n condition, will build the mass that necessary cut process asks with winning place automatically, this cut program may be odd second treatment, also may be to be machined for many times, in this process software will ask to choose appropriate craft content and cut surplus automatically from inside treatment condition database according to the user, avoided sophisticated technology custom-built input a mistake with parameter, the way of this kind of job is very simple, realized intelligent process designing and assured the validity of the program. Nextpage5, of pattern plate of craft of support of craft pattern plate found, editor, transfer into, if you chose work, all labor situations that process this work were included in craft pattern plate, if you choose situation of a labor, criterion craft pattern plate is comprised by all labor situations that are versed in with place choosing the pace has identical geometry parameter; Can undertake deleting to the pattern plate of existence, name the operation that turns with icon again; If need to transfer into,put the craft pattern plate that be in, need to click corresponding icon pushbutton only already but. Craft pattern plate can be founded in the light of all sorts of spare partses in machining a process actually, when encountering similar spare parts, can transfer into pattern plate realizes automation process designing, offer the accuracy of work efficiency and process designing. 6, synchronous curve the spare parts to complex taper, the system can pass indication synchronism curve, help user watchs final figure, cent is synchronism of transfer matic sex and hand to use tectonic and corresponding line two kinds, linear and synchronous system can insert new synchronous feature automatically, the curved surface that makes is one regular curved surface, the aviation with this one extensive to application of intricate geometry body function and electronic industry are attached most importance to especially should, be entered through using taper to cut and change the mechanical instruction of other cut means, will finish outline cut is cutting tool method even to rebuild. 7, appearance of diversiform support of treatment means system and develop a treatment, have rich treatment craft and parameter, machine craft: Completely thick cut reservation incomplete makings to open thick appearance to cut off long knife complete essence cuts reservation incomplete to expect essence of life repairs an appearance to cut off essence of life to repair above craft to be able to realize treatment already, also can come true for many times to machine (first thick the essence after cutting is repaired) , the different choice that is aimed at a spare parts is right craft; Was aimed at different treatment opportunity software to set different parameter at the same time, treatment process designing has specific aim, do not need to undertake machining the memory of parameter and choice; At the same time the system can make treatment of little speech cutting, can arise varied different cutter track form. Nextpage8, gear spline machines the gear cutting problem that solves aleatoric parameter. The gear such as number of the modulus that inputs random, tine is relevant parameter, make the 2D figure of gear, spline automatically by software, the craft with appropriate set and parameter get processing code. 9, treatment shows treatment shows content: Indication handling time and length show whether to exceed taper range (the journey that the user can define a machine tool oneself and taper limits, when the spare parts of treatment has taper, can use the taper range that shows whether examination of the smallest taper exceeds a machine tool, exceed a part to show with red) 10, postposition code can generate different postposition code to different control system, the postposition code that generates accords with the control system requirement of the machine tool, be like: The postposition code of Agie machine tool has 3 files GEO, TEC, JOB, and the code of Charmilles is NC. 11, it is OK to ISO code file to read code instead implementation is read in preview, do not have the workpiece of part drawing to having code, can input code to make a figure directly in the system, went to the lavatory to code does not have the user of blueprint; Can choose the format of code and model when reading in G code at the same time, code of subprogram and special G, M can differentiate on the foundation here, make turn over read code and true condition conform to, be like common G code, i, J gets code for absolute value, code of Agie Version UV. 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