UG processes medium application in awl short axis

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It is important to told about the UGII software that uses American EDS firm to undertake subcontract of French SNACMA company is produced the process of the job of the CAD/CAM of an awl short axis, involve CAD to build analysis of craft of model, spare parts, CAM to machine a few respects. <script Language=javascript>document.

Write(mypuiblicgg());</script> 0 introductive awl short axis is the important part of low-pressure turbine part on the CFM-56 engine that French SNECMA company makes. The main characteristic of this spare parts is: Processability of relatively complex, material can need figure of spare parts geometry (be out of shape high temperature alloy) , treatment precision demand is high (outline of curved surface surface is spent for ± 0.

075) wait for a characteristic. Wall of whole spare parts is large the smallest part only 2.

33mm, tall 550mm of whole spare parts. The spare parts has greater difficulty in whole craft arrangement, machining. Outline of whole spare parts is complex (see a picture 1) , use artificial computation reference point to have difficulty of numerical control process designing bigger. To achieve a standard smoothly square subcontract produces the job, we introduced the UGII CAD/CAM software of American EDS company, the CAD/CAM technology that uses modernization undertakes the numerical control to program of the spare parts works, the numerical control that had this part tries treatment, finished trial-produce job successfully. Be based on following reason we choose UG V13.

0 software regard the software of this trial-produce as platform: CAD/CAM function is powerful, can undertake 5 axes and turning are machined; CAD/CAM can be not had seam compositive; Versatility is better; CAM treatment strategy is more, can better land satisfies treatment need; Machine algorithmic stability. Craft of 1 spare parts analyses this hardware data is NC19FeNb is out of shape high temperature alloy. Material cutting performance is poorer, incorporate is: This material hardness is taller when cutting, cutting is out of shape tendency of sclerosis of big, treatment temperature of muscularity of big, cutting, cutting tall, cutting tool is easy wear away, exterior quality and precision assure not easily. The 200 ~ that this material already machined exterior hardness to be able to amount to matrix 500 times; Cutting force adds about 2 ~ than general steel products 3 times, if the cutting processability of 45 steel is the word of 1, the cutting function of high temperature alloy is in only 0.

5 ~ 0.

2 between. Because spare parts wall is thin, because cutting muscularity, cutting is out of shape,should consider when arrangement walks along knife contrail wait for a characteristic to make greatly circumstance of metabolic of spare parts generation, reasonable arrangement walks along knife contrail and cutting parameter, make sure precision of spare parts dimension and exterior quality ask. On craft arrangement, because spare parts itself designs a requirement not to allow grinding treatment, can undertake turning is machined only so. Outside round 40 place, lumen 24 place are lacy reach all and lacy on 0.

Of 7 pour department of horn, entire hole to be finished by machining center. Component of all turning treatment is vehicle of thick, fine two parts. Thick car should consider the inhomogenous sex of wollens surplus when to program, in wollens surplus inhomogenous relatively serious place, want to have artificial light locomotive trip, save handling time. Of the leftover stress that arises as a result of surface of the spare parts when cutting at the same time release reach hardware data itself the characteristic of changeful form, go in rough machining after surplus is finished, want to have the natural effectiveness for a given period of time of period of time, in order to release the leftover stress of spare parts surface, stress of the surface after avoiding finish machining to finish is released cause a spare parts to be out of shape badly discard as useless. Because hardware data treatment is sclerotic more serious, hardness is taller, we basically use cutting tool data cutting tool of pottery and porcelain and hard alloy cutting tool. Cutting tool is given priority to with the cutting tool of SANTAVIK. 2 establish mathematical model point and difficult point: Come out in order to machine eligible spare parts is ultimate goal, below the premise that designs a requirement in contented spare parts, build reasonable CAD maths model according to the requirement of CAM. The key that CAD works is satisfying design requirement already at wanting to build, go to the lavatory again the spare parts model of CAM process designing. This spare parts should have process of 4 lathe work above all on craft arrangement, next outer lane and internal diameter should have mill lacy working procedure, if press blueprint to undertake building a model directly, the department of lacy, aperture on outer lane and internal diameter will disturb the regular job of turning module, bring about the treatment border that chooses bos place need. Accordingly, act on the tenet that advocates a model to serve for treatment, spare parts model cannot undertake building a model according to what blueprint gives measure directly. And after answering to be finished in lathe work working procedure, still stay on total height so that Yu Xi is lacy,have two millimeter surplus the treatment of working procedure. In the meantime, the turning working procedure that because numerical control lathe is aspirant,goes not the geometrical feature such as department of drag in aperture, because this should eliminate aperture department when building a model, the border that needs to turning place only undertakes building a model. Partial disperse gave out to nod only to curvilinear part on the blueprint paper that French SNECMA company provides, want the Curve bill of fare below Toolbox of the pitch on in Modeling above all, next icon of pitch on Spline, pitch on Through Points(passes a point) the Points From File below build be not curve of batten of even and justifiable B, tectonic to be being nodded according to disperse B batten curve wants to undertake light is arranged when building mathematical model, in order to satisfy design requirement. After removing the geometrical feature such as department of lacy, aperture, this spare parts can be regarded is swing tower spare parts, but form is relatively complex. Because this spare parts is swing tower spare parts, need to make turn of a generatrix only 360 ° can make spare parts appearance, the SKETCH that because this is whole,the spare parts uses UG (draft) functional processing is relatively advantageous. In SKETCH lieutenant general all dimension and geometric constraint had been defined, the curve of spare parts SKETCH that chooses icon of Body Of Revolution to a moment ago will construct in Modeling next rotates 360 ° form entity. (see a picture 2) graph 1 spare parts is overall effect graph pursues treatment of 3 CAM of graph of the 2 substance that build a model analyses the conclusion that reach according to craft, begin to undertake machining the work out of turning program. Be in 10, in thick car of 15 working procedure, because wollens is inhomogenous, should be opposite above all the position with larger wollens undertakes handling, make wollens surplus keeps basically consistent. Otherwise, not be to walk along Dao Lang to expend major handling time for nothing, it is cutting deepness brings about cutting tool too greatly to hit a knife. We are such processing is in when particular operation:  takes no account of this one problem above all, do the contrail taking a knife of other part first. The characteristic that because the cutting performance of hardware data is bad,notices answers when doing orbit, cutting tool contrail cannot from the beginning one knife cuts trail, otherwise cutting tool wears away serious, cannot machine at all. In the meantime, answer to lengthen spare parts border appropriately in pointed part part, so that cutting the flash of generation is excised. Car of all geometry dimension arrives to leave 1mm surplus only. In stay when having 1mm Stock, the radius of the smallest curvature of spare parts surface can produce change, the choice of cutting tool diameter should note the presence of this one change, diameter of logical choice cutting tool, because cutting tool diameter compares radius of the smallest curvature,avoid big and the local surplus that create is large the negative effect that brings to follow-up treatment. What the attention answers in the meantime is: The acquiescent value of the Engage/retract in UG is automatic circular arc is entered, retreat a knife (Auto Circ) , be in usually, using this value is more reasonable, it can make enter, coincide of the dot that retreat a knife removes the stand that receive a knife, avoid cutting tool to plunge into a knife. But, what to use to enter, the means that retreat a knife, answer to try to choose according to actual condition, if use acquiescent value blindly,be in in this spare parts, will cause cutting tool to hit a knife. (see a picture 3) next, contrail of will corresponding treatment is incognito copy. Edit this contrail, in STOCK of STOCK lieutenant general the value is set when be cutting, border is chosen to go up in place can a value of penetration of a cutting tool. Count cutting knife next (Number Of Pass) is given, should ensure penetration of a cutting tool of the first knife and cutting deepness is reasonable. The Edit in choosing Part Geometry next the Edit below, attrib border Start dot and End dot undertake in proportion or press the drawing of length or cut out. So that be in confine of size range of pipe bent the position with larger wollens. After openly thick car undertakes ending, have the thick car of the opposite. After rough machining is finished, the influence of the multiple element such as the exterior stress that because spare parts wall is thin,with hardware data changeful form and thick car produce, the spare parts is out of shape more serious. Before wanting to undertake in fine vehicle accordingly, undertake agreement two weeks natural effectiveness for a given period of time, make exterior stress is released as far as possible, the generation in avoiding a spare parts to be machined in sequel is larger be out of shape. After natural effectiveness for a given period of time, can have the half essence of the spare parts, precision work. The least wall as a result of the spare parts is large only 2.

33mm, because this wants to have half essence car in significant position, stay 0.

The surplus of 2mm gives essence of life the car can (input in Stock namely 0.

2) . Graph 3 in finish machining when those who want an attention is: According to the requirement of spare parts blueprint, the spare parts receives knife mark not to allow consist in curved surface to go up, allow to turn in the root ministry R of curved surface only received position exists. When designing cutting tool to machine orbit accordingly, cannot be versed in to thick car order is same, the mark that receive a knife nots matter where. In foreword of energy lathe operator, the mark that receive a knife must stay in R to turn receive place. In other words, namely if go up, one knife treatment does not come out next curved surface, so on, the dividing line place of next curved surface should choose to turn in R of ministry of curved surface root receive place. After contrail of all cutting tool finishs, the Export that falls through Manufacturing outputs a knife source file * .

Cls(is actual the) of APT language source program that is ASCII, choose Clsf in Toolbox next, appoint a knife source file, choose Selec All menu, choose Postprocess menu again, the name of file of machine tool aftertreatment that below MDF Name the input already had made, the G code file that chooses Postprocess menu to be able to get needing (in UG the file is suffixal for * .

Ptp) 4 mill are lacy in the spare parts 4 turning working procedure undertakes ending hind, have mill lacy working procedure. According to blueprint requirement, construction gives the three-dimensional model that CAM place requires. The Planar-mill module that chooses UG undertakes machining. The attention answers when choosing cutting tool: The radius of the smallest curvature that decides a part with the Minimun Radius in Info first, next reelection knife, want to make sure cutting tool diameter is less than radius of the smallest curvature. Otherwise, UG will let a knife automatically to had avoided to cut, after can making spare parts treatment is finished, still have did not cut area. Receive knife mark to assure to do not have at the same time, into, retreat a knife to choose automatic circular arc to enter as far as possible, retreat a knife. To make sure precision asks, this working procedure can be in the two axes with taller precision half or undertake on 3 axes machine tool. Cutting effect sees a picture 4. Graph 4 mill are lacy the effect pursues 5 last words pass awl short axis try treatment, we are preliminary already the operation of the lathe module that mastered UG, have a few experience. Above all, the mathematical model that CAM place requires must not press blueprint to have CAD model exactly like, and the as far as possible convenient CAM below the premise that should ask in contented design machines need. Say for example, make cam not was necessary must become the attrib border drawing that has defined entity, undertake CAM is machined again, should have an attrib border line only actually enough already. CAD model should undertake according to real need, cannot work inflexibly. Each working procedure of above introduction machined a circumstance to show this adequately already. Next, the acquiescent value in UG is better usually. But whether to use, answer to decide according to actual condition. The treatment of this spare parts revealed this with respect to sufficient already body. The 3rd, the work out gives spare parts machine program and can not mean the product that can process a qualification. How is contrail taking a knife arranged, want to be contacted cheek by jowl with actual condition. The element such as structure of the cutting function according to data of machine tool, cutting tool, clamping apparatus, hardware, spare parts decides parameter of reasonable craft line and cutting. Because we are engaged in CAD/CAM working hours shorter, experience is not quite rich still, wrong hard to avoid exists, adjure criticism to give advice or comments. CNC Milling CNC Machining