There already was whorl continuity cutting on numerical control lathe

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Summary: Introduced the principle of function of cutting of the whorl on numerical control lathe, the whorl in elaborating system of NUM numerical control continues the design train of thought of cutting. Work out whorl continues the subprogram of cutting function, apply at numerical control lathe in transforming, the result is favorable. Keyword: Whorl of numerical control lathe continues cutting is repaired in buckling turning to machine, the cutting of whorl has very large proportion. Job is picked in oil getting, the cutting that wait machines the oil tube that its use, drill pipe, drill collar and corresponding connect basically is the cutting of whorl, especially the cutting treatment of imperial awl whorl. Accordingly, all sorts of numerical control lathe have function of cutting of metric or imperial whorl, in order to satisfy treatment requirement. In these industries, besides whorl is machined directly on the semifinished product that waits in new tube, new contact, very big one part job is the vitta to already been use, drill pipe, drill collar the whorl part that wait has repair. Because the upright ministry of these workpiece is awl whorl, in its the cut that carry a department is divided taper seat is machined afresh after one part, next rework whorl is the method that place of mass production manufacturer uses. Cut is jumped over except the part little, the repetition that is helpful for these workpiece more is used. However, if why there is the taper seat of former whorl to go up in reservation,the problem that faces is, by the contrail of original whorl treatment gives new whorl. This problem is solved more easily on common lathe, but when using numerical control lathe, system of most numerical control is inextricability this problem. We use system of NUM1040T numerical control " whorl continues cutting " the settlement with satisfactory function this problem. One, the bed of be open to traffic of general of whorl cutting function of numerical control lathe machines whorl is to pass main shaft and tool carrier between inside connection drive catenary will assure, namely main shaft every turn, tool carrier is mobile the lead of a whorl. In the treatment process of whole whorl, this drive catenary cannot disconnect, disconnect to be buckled in disorder. Same, on numerical control machine tool treatment whorl also must assure this relation. Because there is general be open to traffic between the main shaft of numerical control machine tool and feed axis,this is planted between the bed catenary of drive of the connection inside tigidity, because this can be passed only,assure the treatment of whorl to the control of main shaft and feed axis. The method that all sorts of numerical control systems use is identical almost, install axial coder, the speed of feed axis and displacement quantity dog the speed of main shaft and corner, realize thread machining thereby, and the date of fiducial letter Ha that the mark signal of main shaft coder is feed axis shift. Of the numerical control system that because use,thread machining dictates differ and have some of difference, it is with system of NUM1040T numerical control below exemple, the treatment that shows thread (the instruction is G33) . When machining columnar whorl, normally process designing is as follows: N. . G00 Xa Za N. . G33 Xc Zc K. . P. . S. . In the program: Xc, zc -- the terminal position of whorl; K. . -- the lead of whorl (or pitch) ; P. . -- the total depth of whorl; S. . -- the cutting frequency of whorl. Following plan institute notify treatment procedure. Above all, cutting tool speed arrives (Xa, za) , move again quickly (Xbi, zb) [I (i =1 of · of Xbi=Xc+ Δ X, 2, ... , s)] .

When the mark signal that measures main shaft coder when the system, cutting tool turns by main shaft move to a K is worth and be entered along with use position, treatment returns initial drop again to Zc place. Circulate so, machine the whorl of requirement giving place. Those who be worth to emphasize is, when numerical control machine tool machines whorl, the mark signal of main shaft coder is feed axis is entered send your signal along with what use position. 2, the whorl on numerical control lathe continues the circumstance that the whorl cutting function that mentions above cutting function applies to workpiece to hold clip only. After the work that processes when place needs debus to undertake metrical or the other working procedure such as heat treatment is handled, hold clip again, proceed whorl cutting, or when undertaking repairing buckling waiting handling to workpiece, continue to use whorl cutting function to will cause chaos to discount an appearance. It is workpiece character actually after new outfit is placed, already destroyed original cutting tool to move the relation between initial drop and signal of main shaft mark. Nextpage to solve this problem, system of NUM numerical control was installed " whorl continues cutting " function. Its train of thought is: Use handiwork the means to the knife, the seat that gets in aleatoric position original whorl is in at some o'clock reachs the corner of main shaft correspondence, regard whorl cutting as the function with this, two parameter in G33 instruction; The system is calculated automatically according to these two parameter the main shaft corner that gives correspondence of dot removing a knife; When treatment, when main shaft turns to this corner, issue command signal, make servo axis is entered along with use position. Apparent, "Whorl cutting " function and " whorl continues cutting " the main shaft corner with the corresponding dot removing a knife that main distinction of the function is two functions is different. When applying actually, what must consider how to come true to reach pair of knife data to the knife artificially in automatic loop process is automatic load. To this, can weave one stature program, to program move is as follows: ① defines variable; ② stops main shaft, detect status of job of main shaft coder; ③ stops to feed motion process designing; ④ hand moves pair of knives; ⑤ is self-recording the place that chooses to the knife and corresponding corner; ⑥ starts main shaft and feed campaign afresh. Applying " whorl continues cutting " before the function, call this subprogram can. Process designing example is as follows: %10038 (whorl continues of cutting function store to knife and data artificially) VAR[b] = [.

BM69]*3 + [.

BM68] + [.

BM68] + [.

BM67] [Bpom] = 91124 + [b] [Bpos]=90100 + [b] [Zappris] [Xappris] [Bappris] ENDV M05 WHILE E[Bpom] = 1 DO G04 F.

1 (detects signal of main shaft mark) process designing of axis of feed of ENDW M12 (stops, enter be opposite artificially knife, the position that reads corner of the main shaft when taking pair of knives and feed axis after pressing the loop begins key) [data of the memory after Bappris] = E[Bpos]/1000 [Xappris] = UE70000 [Zappris] = UE72000 M12 (presses the loop begins key, enter automatic loop state) main program of SAVE [Bappris]/ [Xappris] /[Zappris] %10 () ... G77 H10038 (calls subprogram %10038) M03 S.


... G00 Xa Za G33 Z. . X. . K. . P. . S. . Each dictate in EZ(Zappris) EC(Bappris) program, the concerned data that the meaning of variable and parameter asks system of referenced NUM numerical control 3, epilogue " whorl continues cutting " the function expanded the applied limits of numerical control lathe, make the treatment requirement such as the rehabilitate of whorl becomes a possibility on numerical control lathe, supplied advanced production equipment for the mechanical manufacturing industry that gives priority to with repair. We used this function on the numerical control lathe that transforms for base of some oil tool, those who solved bed of be open to traffic of the general on entrance vitta to cannot be machined is special buckle model repair problem, get the affirmation of the user. CNC Milling CNC Machining